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does xanax make depression worse?

i would like to know if xanax is making me more depressed?  i have been prescribed xanax for 9 years, and i feel like i am feeling more depressed than ever...but i have quit taking my antidepressant since i'm unemployed and do not have any health insurance.
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FYI, some of the drug companies provide free SSRIs and other psychotropic medicines.  I get Effexor XR delievered to my door for free.  I have no job and unfortunately that means no insurance.  I've also been on the program for Zoloft in the past.  Some ADD medication also can be received at little to no cost depending on income.

I see a GP who works for a community clinic.  They charge on a sliding scale and you do need a Rx for the medication.  All you need to do is go to needymeds.com or google search the manufacturer of your medication and search their site for programs that offer these sorts of sample or comp. programs.  Depending on what area you live in, there may be a similar clinic where you can also obtain sample medication.

As a back up, often Natropathic Doctors or NDs will provide you with suggestions on alternative sources for mood stabilization (Fish Oil is a great example of a common mood enhancer that people aren't aware of normally plus, it's cheap and it WORKS).  Lately, I've gotten off of the SSRIs and long term xanax usage.  I hope you can hang in there and that some of this information is helpful.

Best to you!
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Xanax in itself is not used to treat depression.  As Demi said it is a benzo and is used to treat anxiety.  However, stress and coming off of your AD could be doing it.  Stress is also a HUGE factor in magnifying depression in my opinion.  Will you have access to health insurance in the near future?  Do you have access to a therapist that you could talk with about this?  Also, as Demi, said medications should only be adjusted under the advice of a doctor...do NOT quit it cold turkey!  Keep us posted!
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Xanax is a benzodiazapem which if used for a long period of time (9 years is a long time!) and you will become tolerant to it and it can make your depression, anxiety, sleep, (and MUCH more)  worse.  I am on a different benzo and it has only been a year, but it is going to take me 4 months to taper off and STILL experience side effects.  In fact the side effects can last for months or years after you stop taking them as they affect the Centrl Nervous system and producion of GABA which is a neurotransmittor that regulates stress and anxiety.  

If you reallly want to research it, check out this website:  www.thetrap.org.uk

And DO NOT QUIT COLD TURKEY!  please look at the above link for more info.

Good luck,

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