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eeeek cant cope!!!

ok long story short... went to the doctors last wednesday he said i have pulled a tendon in my knee, thts fine, but when i came home i started to google my symptoms, well all sorts of scary things came up such as deep vain thrombosis, jst need some reasurance that my doctor would have diagnosed this when i went to see him as its very serious, and its set my anexity off, i'm startin to loose control of wat is really hurting and what my head is making up, i could jst break down in tears :( i've gone and scared myself to the point where i now think everytime i feel a funny feeling in my chest or my arm that i'm dying, or my heart is goin to stop.... jst need some advice :)

ty xxx
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The only advise one can give is not to be your own doctor. You got the views on a professional doctor. You should learn to trust those views. It is only when we start to read up on things that we make matters worse. Ask any member of this forum that. They read up on medication and get scared of the side effects. People want to know far too much. Inward thinking. Trust what your doctor told you and just be happy it is not anything worse. Or even look around at others who are far worse off than us. Thank god we have only got some anxiety to deal with. That's what I do whenever I am feeling sorry myself. Doctors get their jobs for a reason. People wouldn't go near them if they didn't trust them. So a little bit of trust and a lot less reading up on things.
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