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fear of going far away

i have palpitations, and racing heart beat, nothing wrong there, been checked out, heart beat can get up to 130 beats a min at times, and so now , im scared of going far away, i try to reason with myself  that there are hospitals and such....but i am very quiet person, dont like to bring attention to myself and i feel im looking stupid or crazy for running to hospital.....bad thing is my husband is in hospital 250 miles  away with major heart problems and im so scared, that i didnt go with him when he was flown and i feel ike a complete bad person and wife, he  is such a trooper  and im here, at home feeling bad with that, scared and out of my mind to point i just wish i could
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Hi peggy1957, I'm so sorry to hear of the difficulties you are going through at the moment and I send your husband well wishes. It's understandable given the amount of stress that you are currently going through that you are worried and anxious. Please don't feel stupid or crazy for running to hospital, the symptoms although not serious are very real and can be so scary to deal with, especially when it's heart palpitations, never be scared to ask for reassurance if it is going to help you. You are not a bad person to have not flown with your husband, you have anxiety and it is very real. Is there any other way that you could get to your husband? By train or subway or coach? Is there anyone that you could travel with that might help to reduce your anxiety? What about visiting your doctor? He might be able to prescribe something to help reduce your anxiety in the short term to allow you to visit your husband, and might be able to help you with therapy to help reduce your anxiety. Your husband is not going to think any less of you for not going with him, I promise you. Please if I can be of any assistance or support through this difficult time please do not hesitate to ask. I'm so sorry I couldn't be of anymore help. I hope you feel better soon, and I wish that your husband has a speedy recovery. Take care.
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I am sorry your going through this. I think you are under a lot of stress with your health issues and your husband's. I personally suffer from panic/anxiety everyday and I need to be near a hospital to be "safe". I also try to ease my anxiety by thinking positive but sometimes I wind up right at the ER. Even though I was embarrassed by going there it still gave me a piece of mind that I'm ok. Now I have to fight from going there so often. Do you suffer from anxiety on a regular basis? I also have agoraphobia so bad that it has taken over my life. I hope you feel better and know your not alone. Best wishes to you and your husband.
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