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had a panic attack out of nowhere?

went to sleep at 10:00 pm i was beyond tired
i wake up having a dream that i was talking to someone but no one was here but me (i live alone)

look at my phone an dits 11:30

i feel like im going crazy, trying to valm myself, but i cnat cuz i have no one to talk to. i feel like i need to ask questions and i cnat answer them cuz no ones here ( i can calm myself down but that doesnt seem right)

end up messgaing my mom who calms me down and says "the dream did it, dont worry"

its amazing how this happens

i have been perfectly fine, maybe alittle lonely, and then boom this happens

like you gotta be kidding me
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I *completely* understand.  My anxiety has been well controlled for a long while now.  Whammo, unexpected panic attacks for the last 5 days.

Have you tried journaling?  As a single girl, I don't always have someone to reach out to either.  I've found that typing/writing out my feelings can be very helpful.

Dreams are just weird things.  I know it can be hard, but try not to put any stock into them.  Self talk is important!  My mantra is usually: "it's just anxiety.  It sucks, but it's not going to kill you."  Concentrate on my breathing - hold my exhale for a few extra seconds.  That can help if your O2 and CO2 levels are a little off.

Are you on medication?  Do you have a psychologist/therapist?  I'd highly recommend seeing someone, my psychologist is a godsend!

You're not alone.  Hang in there!
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