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help me! is this really anxiety?

Hi everyone.
Well over a month ago i suffered my first panic attack (very scary) however since than i have not been right. Been to my doctor and he believes i am suffering from anxiety. Everyday i suffer from some sort of symptom, mainly it is feeling sick, dizzy, faint, eye sight feels strange (hard to explian) and feel as though i am going to die!!! but since these attacks have been occuring i am really scared of dying (how silly when i work in the health care profession and no death is upon us all!!). Sometimes i think there is something seriously wrong with me and that i am going to die any minute with the symptoms lasting all day. Is there anyone else out there that sufferes with thier symptoms all day and if anyone has advice on how to cure anxiety would be greatly recieved.
thanks chantelle
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Hi there,

My situation is someone the same in that what I've been dealing with came out of nowhere after being sick with a terrible cold and I haven't felt the same since. I feel like my life has changed and I'm not as happy because I'm so nervous about something horrible happening to me. I've had the tight chest and pains for more than a day straight at times and it's so uncomfortable i don't want to do much. I think this site will be helpful in educating us on how to cope and finding ways to take control of the attacks, at least I'm hoping.
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Hi again.
i think for me that is the worst part, is that the attack came from nowhere one minute i am at uni with friends next thing i am in A&E being told it is panic attack. I dont worry about things nor do i let things get on top of me so why i am affected i dont no. however like you signed up here for support and hopefully education.  
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A person can have a perfectly fine life and still have panic attacks and/or persistant anxiety disorder.  In my case, it has to do with the screwed up chemicals in my brain, not my life.  When I was in my twenties, I used to have to pull the car over because I'd get dizzy sometimes.  My heart would pound and I'd sweat.  I had some of the same symptoms as you.  When I went on anti anxiety medication (Paxil, Depakote, and Zyprexa) all that went away, along with the panic attacks.  A good psychiatrist will find the right meds for you.  You asked how it can be cured.  Medication works the best.  Also, I don't know if this will help you but...when my twin brother would have panic attacks (he's now on medication too and no longer does) I would help him by making him focus on the present.  I would tell him not to think about tomorrow, or yesterday.  I'd say, "Where are you now?"  He'd say, "I'm at home lying on my bed."  Then I would tell him that RIGHT NOW he is in his home which is in a safe neighbrohood.  Your safe in your bed room.  Your bed is secure on the floor.  You can't fall off.  RIGHT NOW your safe.  Everything is fine RIGHT NOW.  Like that.  I don't know if that helps.  Good luck!  
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I truly believe that with the help of some medication and a very good therapist, you can overcome anxiety. I was like you once, constantly anxious, even while lying in bed, I didn't want to leave my house. I was even becoming depressed because I didn't do anything! It was very hard for me to get out and go to the doctor and to my therapist, but I finally did it, because I did not want to be like that forever, I wanted to be the old me. the happy me, that me that did things and had fun and never worried! and Thank God I finally found an amazing therapist. After I had a stupid one who always yelled at me, I found an amazing one with a referral from my PCD. Maybe check with your doctor, see if there is a good therapist they know of. I really believe this will help you, and anyone suffering from anxiety. Therapy gives you the strength and knowledge and courage to know that you are in control of your anxiety.

I noticed you mentioned you said you feel like you are going to die. or that you worry about dying. When I was at my worse, at the highest point of my anxiety, especially when I was out and about, and I'd get my panic attack, I would be scared to death of throwing up. When I told my therapist this she flipped around said, "But Amanda, you never threw up right?" and I said yes. and then she said, "What does that prove to you." and I said, "that there is nothing to fear?" and She said, "well yes and what else?" and I didn't know and she told me. "It proves that even if you don't feel it or know it, you are in control, that you had the control to not throw up."

See that is what therapy can do for us. They give us other ways to look at situations. They turn it around so we have positive thoughts. I hope this helps you. If you wanna talk to anyone you can message me. Take care!
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