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help please

hi there, first of im 15 year old and suffer with anxiety. Every night i seem to feel realy anxious and with in a few hours of going to bed i have a panic attack, now this is hapening on a daily basis and i am realy worried.
i also have a constant pain in my right lung, the pain worsons when i breath in. I was just wondering if there could be anything more sinister then just panic attacks and anxiety, i have been to the doctor and have been subscribed diazipan wich i only take when i realy need to. also i would like to know is there any way to clear myself of having anxiety and panic attacks as they are realy starting to bother me now.

please reply,
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the best advice i can give you since it seems that ur anxiety is somwhat new..that to never start fearing the anxiety. First make sure that the pain other symtoms are not something else..
Once u r sure that anxiety is the reason..Than take steps toward learning how to not fear the panic..The more u fear the longer it stays there..If you dont worry about it will more likly disapate on its own..
When have a panic attack at night and itwakes you..immediatley do some deep breathing..Put one hand on ur chest and another on ur stomach..take a deepbreath making sure that ur stomach goes up first than ur chest..while breating in count to 4..hold for 2 and let it out counting to 3..
hope it helps..
Oh and about the medication..dont take it on a regular time  cycle..ie every morning or night..your body will build tolerance to it..
and remember dont fear the fear k..
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Hi Jonny!!!

You poor soul!!! I know exactly what you are going through my dear, but the best news of all is that this will and can be treated for you, with the help of your own willpower!! and strength.

First off, the usual question that anyone on this forum will ask you is "have you seen your doctor about all of this" and if so have you had a full medical checkup????? These are the crucial questions that need to be asked.

Now, as for the medication you are on, unfortunately I cannot comment on it as I have not taken any medication over the years for my own anxiety and have used just herbs, homapathic remedies, meditation, yoga, and recently excercise along with a few good therapists.

The above are only my personal preferences, you do which ever works for you!!!

Have you spoken with your Mam or Dad (guardian) about how you are feeling right now??? as it's very important that you do as you are still only 15 years of age, and do need the support and guidance of your family/friends!!! let me know please!!!  

I am 36yrs of age, and both me and my partner have two beautiful children a boy and a girl age 6 and 8, the boy is almost 9. I have been suffering on and off over the years with anxiety and panic, and have also suffered the pains you are describing here in your lungs, in fact I do not think that there is ANY part of my body that did not ache during axiety and panic and that is true.. Anyhow, the particular pain that you are describing does sound very simular to the pains my own Son is experiencing at the moment and he is going on 9 years of age, anyway I took him to the doctor and he reassured me that it was just pure growing pains to what takes me back to your post, you may also be going through growing pains, which is purely muscular pains, with all of your ligaments growing and stretching, which would indeed give you the sharp pain when breathing in and out! although I am not a doctor, I have plenty of knowledge in this particular area of the body from personal experience. Also my Son suffers with mild ashtma, do You??? just a question.

As for primetime 21's comment above, he is so very right, but in fairness easier said than done sometimes, but he IS totally correct on the breathing excercise with the tummy rising and falling, so a little practice of this would definately NOT go astray my friend.....

Also what you got to remember ALL THE TIME is that this is just panic/anxiety IT CAN NOT HARM YOU, IT WILL EVENTUALLY WASH OVER YOU!!!! and you will be FINE.

Hope that I helped you in some way. If you EVER need to talk to me or ANYONE else on this forum please do not hesitate to contact any of us. We will be only too happy to try and help you.

God bless,

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