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how to tell your mom you cant leave the house becouse of your anxiety?

first of all i have anxiety, living with my mom and im at my fathers place right now. I actually wanted to stay at his place for one or two days and now im here for almost two weeks and i have left the hose judt a single time when i attempted to get to train station. I totally started to panic an since then i wasnt able to get outside again.
I would like my mom to pick me up, but i dont know how to tell her that my anxiety has gotten that bad.
Any advices?
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Hi.  I have agoraphobia.  I've had it for many years, and started getting it in my twenties, which is much more common than getting it when you're young.  You don't list your age, but as you are living with your parents I'm assuming you are pretty young.  I would ask, is this new?  You seem to say you've had anxiety for awhile, but you don't say if this is the first time you've been afraid to leave the house.  Also, know that although we are using the term agoraphobia, is isn't really a medical term anymore.  It's more of a colloquial term that doesn't always refer to being completely afraid to leave the house.  I never got that bad.  Usually it means a lot of phobias about doing things which leads to avoidance, which makes it worse.  Because you are young and are describing what appears to be a divorce of your parents, did this start when they got divorced?  I'm asking because there is a difference between a chronic mental illness that has no apparent trigger and something that happens that brings out a dramatic emotional response.  I have the former, but you might have the latter, and the latter is often easier to treat because there's something concrete to work on.  As we don't know your age, we can't really advise medication.  That's more difficult when you're young as your brain isn't fully developed yet.  That doesn't mean medication won't prove to be necessary, it might, but again, especially if this is being triggered by the situation with your parents and your response to it, I would recommend you definitely tell your parents, and I also think you need to start seeing a psychologist for therapy right away.  It's important to get on top of this quickly before you give in to it and make avoiding doing things an ingrained habit.  If the psychologist believes you need it, you will be referred to a psychiatrist for medication.  But do act soon, and know that young people are very adaptable and change quickly.  You can fix this if you get to work on it quickly.  Peace.
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Oh,  let me add, I learned that the actual medical term has for a long time been panic attack disorder, but agoraphobia is still what most of us call it.  It literally means fear of the marketplace, which is kind of odd, don't you think?
Thank you for your advice
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So, it sounds like you have pretty significant anxiety and it is impacting your life.  Agoraphobia or the inability to leave your home is debilitating and I'm sorry you are experiencing that currently.  I would most certainly speak up.  I know it is hard but this is beyond important.  Call your mom and tell her what is going on.  Take a deep breath and just do it.  You need some help, sweetie!  Is this extreme anxiety new?  It will be important for you to seek professional help for this.  A psychiatrist is a doctor that treats this type if situation and psychologists along with them.  They often work together.  It's the best way to treat mental health situations.  

Although some have had bad experiences and may or may not tell you about that, many and I mean MANY have sought treatment for panic disorder along with agoraphobia and have been successful at treating it and making it better to the point they can function normally.  I so hope that is the case for you.  Here's something from Mayo Clinic https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/agoraphobia/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20355993  (copy and paste into your browser).  Psychotherapy is so beneficial.  That when done along with medication (of which there are many choices your doctor and you can talk about) can get you on track.  There are lifestyle things that might help as well.  Diet, exercise, sleep, etc. are all good.  

I feel for you and am happy to talk more about this with you!
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Thank you for your advice
Hello Jellyfish,
I myself suffer from horrible anxiety. Therapy has helped me gain tools to calm down.

Try grounding.
By so, when you are having an anxiety attack, start taking slow breathes (I know very very hard!!!!) as you count slowly from 10 to 0.. take as much time you need.

I sometimes find myself talking to a friend to give me a reality check that all is alright. It genuinely helps.

I am right here if you want to talk!
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