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how to wean off ativan

I have had panic attacks now for 9 months. I was given .5mg of Ativan. It helps but i need it almost everyday. 6 weeks ago i was put on 25 mg of zoloft and 2 days ago upped to 50 mg. I am still experiencing all the same sensations..dizzy, belching, nausea, dissociation, ect. I do see a CBT but only can get in about every 3 weeks due to her schedule. I dont want to be on Ativan because of all the things i have read but it seams to work. I have never used medications before in my 40 years...only the occasional advil or cough syrup. My doctor is not the best communicator of all my questions. How do i get away from Ativan, yet feel okay?  and how do i know if zoloft is working or best for me or is there something else?
Any input is great
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You might want to consider finding another therapist instead of the one You are seeing if your feelings as though your are not able to see her as much as you would like and another doctor if you are unable to communicate. Communication is important. Zoloft can take 6-8 weeks to work and you may be able to notice changes soon.
Best of luck
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Hi kirby!

I've been on Klonopin since 1995 and it works wonderful for my panic disorder, and never would I think to go off it. With every medication out there, you're gonna read something negative about it, no matter what. In my opinion, if the Ativan works for you, I would keep taking it, and tell my doctor that's all I need.

With both medications, you're gonna have to wean off, anyway, and it really sounds as if the Zoloft isn't working for you. Did your doctor know that you were dizzy and nauseated before you increased your dose? If so, that wasn't very smart of him. And if you two are having communication problems, I'd search for another doctor.

May I ask what concerns you most about Ativan?
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I have a severe panic attack disorder and the only medicine that would help me is Klonopin. Check with your doctor about this medication. I've been on it for 20 years and it's been a lifesaver. A lot of doctors will not prescribe it, but hopefully yours will.

Good Luck,

Bob :)
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