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i get anxiety

i have anxiety when i get it dont feel good at all i stress out and worry when it happen and some times can not sleep at  night at all
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And that is exactly what that anxiety monster wants you to feel like.
You need to starve him...not feed him.
When you don't feel good think to yourself that it's just a feeling and that it will pass.
Thinking negative thoughts feeds the anxiety monster. You need to fight the monster BEFORE he does damage. Negative thoughts is what causes stress in the first place. Other people cannot stress you out. It is your reactions and thoughts that bring on the stress.
If a guy looks at you in a "weird way" it's your reaction and thoughts that make it worse.
If you think " That guy just gave me a dirty look...maybe he hates me...what did I do to him? What should I do? What should I say to him?"
It's those thoughts that are hurting you. You are making things worse by thinking about it.
Maybe he looked at you funny because he was lost in thought and not really looking at you. Maybe he wasn't really seeing you, but because you started "thinking about it" you assumed the worst...and you have let the anxiety monster be fed.
Does any of this make sense?
You also need to think better of yourself. Don't call yourself down.
Don't use words such as " I'm ugly, I'm stupid, I can't do this..."
When those sorts of thoughts pop into your head think " I CAN do this, I'm a good looking guy, I'm smart..."  
Replace negative thoughts and words with positive ones.

You could talk to a doctor about your problems too. He could give you some pills to help you sleep and such. There are many good herbal remedies too. A diet rich in vitamin D and omega 3's are very helpful to combat anxiety and fatigue as well.
Hope this helps you a bit.
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Thanks so much for write me back i need that and yeah i been to Dr.about this she gives meds for it
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yeah it help alot thanks so much
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