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i think i have rls and i dont know if it will go away

ive had an urge to move my legs since i was kid, rock back and forth etc. one night this weekend i couldnt sleep due to too much stress, alcohol, etc which made me notice my restless legs and i started to panic that this will from now one affect my sleep. since tuesday, i only slept properly two days. im worried ill never sleep again and im constantly aware of my arm numbness ii think it spread to my arms. im constantly crying fearing ill never get proper sleep and always be sleep deprived. i used to sleep well before noticing the symptoms. im afraid to take meds due to augmentation. i feel sometimes that i cant live like this. anyone have success with this? im going insane/
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First, have you seen a doctor to see if anything is physically wrong?  Second, if you're talking about arm numbness then you're not talking about RLS.  People are different and have different tics, I pace when I think or am anxious, for example.  There's also a difference between having a problem and trying to figure out what it is and going nuts over having a problem.  Everyone has problems in life, but most people deal with it as best as they can.  Those with an anxiety disorder avoid or don't deal with things because they get so scared about things.  Two separate problems.  Whatever else you might have physically it sounds like you have a pretty disruptive anxiety disorder.  Ever sought any help for it?  And not sure first why you start with meds and not therapy to at least get diagnosed so you know what you're dealing with, but also don't understand what you mean "due to augmentation."  
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