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insults from the mind

Hi, has anyone ever experienced your mind insulting people for no reason.  I have suffered with anxiety and depression for 7 months now and I was just wondering if this has anything to do with it?

Thanks a lot!
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As long as they're only thoughts and you don't say what you're thinking, you should try not to be hurt by them. After all, the people you're talking to can't read your mind. I know how it feels as I used to have this problem, but not as much as you're suggesting.

If you ignore the insults in your head and concentrate on what you're saying to people, it should help a tiny bit.

You've mentioned that you've had anxiety and depression. These could tie in to your thoughts- are you taking any medication for them?

It's sometimes natural for us to insult people in our thoughts. We can't like everything about specific people, we all have our faults.

If this is worrying you and our advice hasn't helped, go to a professional for advice.

I know I'm not at all skilled in this area, but personal experience helps. I hope we've helped at least a bit, and as I said, if you're unsure then see someone professional.

Thanks for taking the time to read my response, and I'm sorry if I've not given much helpful advice!
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You may be harboring some anger which can be from an unresolved issue from your past.  This may be part of your root cause for anxiety, and is worth checking out thru therapy.
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