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is it anxiety or am i really sick

I am a 40yr old female with MVP and anxiety disorder. Every moment of everyday I think Im going to die..I have aches and pains that may mimic a heart disorder. My mitral Valve Prolapse is being taken care of with Inderal, and I also take 0.5mg Xanax every day and Zoloft. My panic has become unbearable. I cant live this way because my whole life is being spent worrying about dying. There is cancer and heart disease in my immediate family. I have so many symptoms...diarrhea, rectal bleeding, heart palpitations, severe sleep apnea, foggy feelings, specific phobias, aches, jaw pain, it goes on and on. how can i calm my nerves and just live life? is it death anxiety or could it be a real physical problem?
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Since your MVP is obviously being watched and treated, and your also being treated for your anxiety, my immediate thought is that your anxiety meds are not working for you and they should be reevaluated. I don't know how long you've been on the Xanax, but that would be the first one I discussed with the doctor. I also think you would most definitely benefit from some therapy. I don't think you are physically ill, the MVP is a "condition," not an "illness," but rectal bleeding and "severe sleep apnea" need to be looked into as soon as possible. The rectal bleeding could be simple hemorrhoids, but the sleep apnea, on top of Inderal, Zoloft and Xanax could be a deadly combination.
I would suggest you get in for a very thorough physical and hook up with a good therapist to help you deal with your anxiety. Health (and death) anxiety are really common for those of us with this delightful disorder, but taking pills, while helping us deal with just the day to day slog, is only masking the symptoms. You need to find what is causing the anxiety and deal with that.
I think you're caught up in the viscious medication/anxiety merry-go-round and you need to get off...........therapy will help you do that.
Get a good physical. Find a good therapist. You WILL get your life back in order, but you have to be proactive. The help isn't going to knock on your door, you gotta go find it.
You'll be fine. Take the first step.
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I agree with greenlydia. MVP is a condition and not an illness.
I think your anxiety is just going crazy. And you should prob. see a Dr. about your meds.
Don't be scared about death, and what you might have or what you dont have.

This is a crucial part of anxiety. The fear of fear itself.

Most of your symptoms sound like anxiety versus seriousness.
I get diarrhea from anxiety... b/c of my nervous stomach. Rectal bleeding can be hemorrhoids, or from an ulcer in your tummy from worrying so much? foggy feelings, phobias, aches and pains,.... and jaw pain from being so "tight" from anxiety... very very very common signs of anxiety.

Were you diagnosed with sleep apnea? B/c sometimes, when you are having anxiety, it can feel like you "can't breath"... or "forget how" to breath.

For a clean bill of health, you should make an appt. to see your Dr. Tell him about your anxiety. He's there for you. =)

I'm sure he'll send you out with a clean bill of health.

Good luck to you. =)
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