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is this anxity caused syptom

I just wonder is the following caused by anxiety?

shortness of breath
racing heart

these happened in my normal stage,  i am not panic or nervous. (I am not in a panic attack ).
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I have the same thing, my heart races and I can not breath very well and they keep telling me it is not my heart or my lungs but I am having a hard time believing that. I do not sleep as I am scared and at the end of my rope. I think about just ending it and not suffer anymore.
I hope you feel better though
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im a 22yr old male and i am on zoloft for panic attacks and anxiety. i notice the racing heart rate thing more then anything... even when i dnt seem to b having an attack. the doc says im healthy and my heart is fine so the only thing that i can link the racing heart rate to is my condition
  best of luck
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i would have full blow panic attacks, if i was blocked at somewhere ( traffic or train...)
However, most time i am ok if i was not at that situation.
today, i haven't had panic attack, but still feel shortness of breath and racing heart, what is that?

thank you for your help
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Both symptoms you describe can be caused by anxiety, but are usually more indicative of a "panic attack".

Without any other information, that's all I can give you.

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