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masturbation and increase in anxiety/stress/panic

I have been a HEAVY masturbator since i was 13. In my early to late teen years I was masturbating up to 30 times a day, YES 30! no lie.  when i reached my 20s it went down to about 10 times a day. I am now 27 and about 4 months ago I had a terrible panic attack and have been having anxiety and high levels of stress on  a daily basis since then. The symptoms have stopped me from maturbating so much, but I still do it maybe 2 times a day. I found something interesting though. 2 days ago I masturbated like 8 times in the span of 3-4 hours. Since then I have has ELEVATED anxiety/panic and stress symptoms.

I have a feeling that the chronic masturbation has caused an imbalance of some kind of chemical or hormone in my brain. I have had a simple testosterone level check and they found my T to be in normal range but DHEA to be very high.

Is the masturbation causing me the anxiety/panic episodes? if so, why  and what can i do (other than quitting sex/masturbation) to stop it?
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I'd be interested in knowing this. When I ejaculate... my right ear always rings... wonder if that's a chemical embalance deal going on in the brain causing that?
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I think there may some confusion here; the self-gratification in and of itself is neither the cause of nor caused by anxiety, is my bet. But fondling the crown jewels so often AND  conditions of high anxiety/panic may have a "common ancestor" as it were. Address that common factor (or syndrome) and you and your Johnson will probably get a litttle rest. A psychiatric evaluation will probably help you get a grip on the situation, so to speak.
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I thought because he had cut down he was having withdrawls. LOL.
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you know, ive had the same problems.  Ive masterbated alot since 13 also and i am now 27.  The panic attacks are indeed caused by your masterbating, but some how you just have to have will power not to do it.  I know its a really hard thing to do because masterbating feels so so good.  But try it.  I went 6 weeks one time without doing it, and let me tell you, it was worth it.  But just see how long you can go.  There's trackers on here, so try using one of them.  I always keep track on things.  It kinda helps me realize how far I've come.  But if you keep trying, (and trust me its not going to come overnight) and keep trying, you will get better wtih your will power.  Remember, practice makes perfect.
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How do you figure that over masturbation causes anxiety / panic attacks? any sources to back that claim up?
Dopamine is called the "pleasure hormone" and it is realted to any addiction. When you masturbate so often, you are getting floods and droughts of dopamine. You can't enjoy anything else because the little drips of dopamine you get from simple pleasures aren't enough to do anything. If you would masturbate less, you would get pleasure from other litte things all day long and that would ease up on your stress level and you have less anxiety.
You do realize that getting pleasure from anything you do affects the same neurotransmitters, right?  Whether it's from masturbation or from smelling a flower, pleasure is a biological response that is the same for each.  So why aren't the little things any more addictive and bad for you than any other thing?
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Ditto on riprock's request for medical data to back up that statement.  I believe it's the other way around (Subspace); both start with ADRENALINE - endorphins. Your body can producd increased adrenaline levels for about half an hour. BTW, women can enjoy 'adrenaline' somewhat longer than men, usually.:-)
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ok i couldnt help but to say this (30 times a day). DAAAAAM.  your a monster.lol
anyway my input on this topic is anxiety can increase alot of you normal scentsations, for example. your allergies. i suffer from allergies an since i have been suffering from anxiety it has gotton worst. not only that but the first time i had sex since my first panic attack, i  had an anxiety attack, an had problems everytime i try to have sex, now i have gotton over that, probably you are feeling alittle guilty about it, anxiety/panic attacks alters you sence of fear so that could be it also. im no expert im just thinking about all the possible causes of your attacks. the best thing to do is to seek some talk tharepy, that may help.

all the best to you
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does sex counts as masturbation?
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First, panic/ anxiety attacks suck. Most people think anxiety/panic attacks are fake or attention seeking.  Also masterbation is some how burrowed in our heads as a bad thing. I personally know when I feel guilty or worried about a situation that is out of my control, I have severe panic attacks.  Maybe this is what is happening to you. If you are materbaiting to relieve stress (or for whatever reason), then somewhere in the back of your mind you feel guilty, that could trigger a panic attack.  If you have not already seen your MD or a psyc of sorts, you should. There are several meds that help w anxiety. When taken as prescribed and learning how to reason with yourself during a panic attack, the attacks become less severe and less often! Also these meds have come a long way. Most of them do not have the nasty sexual side effects like they used to have. LOL In fact I have a male friend who does not want to stop his meds, bc he says he last longer and has better sensation. Good Luck- Blondie2334
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Yes sex is also the same as masturbation, when I say masturbation I really mean "ejaculation" I have ruined and worn out so many women in my time, i feel so bad for them and thank them for putting up with me and my crazy sex drive.

Now then,  i have no proof or studies, i only have my story and personal experience. I am looking for info about what exactly happens when a man ejaculates, i know there is an affect on dopamine, and i know too much or too little dopamine can cause panic and anxiety attacks,.. so maybe thats what is happening? maybe i have too much dopamine or too little? is there any way to test or find out these levels?  Also, does ejaculation affect serotonin levels?  

Before I started getting all these panic attacks, My ejaculations were great, felt such a rush everytime i did it, my veins would stick out as I would get a rush of joy and pleasure throughout my body, NOW all that good feeling has been traded with panic and anxiety and chest pains , headaches, no more veins popping out, no more euphoria or thrills, its just all negative stuff.  Something happened here. I need to find out what, i need to get my neurotransmitter levels tested, but i dont know if that is possible, if anyone has any info on this please share. thank you all for replying.
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Is it possible that despite the release of endorphins that masterbation/sex causes, the adrenaline it gives would actually be triggering anxiety attacks? I know adrenaline of any sort at this moment in time, even excitement or pleasant surprises, can cause my anxiety to start ticking because it feels like my adrenaline just goes to all the wrong places or that my mind can't control how much it releases. I have no idea, though.
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Maybe it is the way that you are breathing (or holding your breath)-while you are masturbating/ejaculating. Maybe try some breathing exercises before you begin.
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I have suffered with panic disorder for 32 years. I am also an RN. One very plausible reason for the exacerbation of your symptoms when you are frequently masturbating is the same as why my symptoms increase when I exercise or if I'd get excited if I won the lottery---adrenaline. After awhile the brain says "Yikes! Rapid heartbeat! I must be having a panic attack!" and...it behaves accordingly. Our brains do not differentiate when our increased heart rate, breathing rate is from something worthy of causing us panic---an attacking rattlesnake---from something pleasurable like love making or winning the lottery. It just knows faster heart rate = panic.
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you may be very right on this. I also thought and still do think that perhaps it is an adrenaline/norepinephrine issue. It seems as thought by body has become SOO sensitive to any burst of adrenaling/NE, and that means my body reacts to the bursts by going into a stress/anxiety/panic attack. For example, yesterday I was at the computer store buying some stuff for my laptop, and i had boxes and boxes in my hands and i opened the door with my back and was leaving when the corner of the door caught on the cuff of my jeans and i almost tripped, but i caught my balance, i felt a surge of something (adrenaline?) go through my body and the same surge rushed feelings of anxiety and panic and increased heart rate and diff.breathing for a good 5-10 mins. This same thing happens whenever I try to workout or have sex, only I find sex and working out seems to be more of a severe reaction lasting for hours if not days where my anxiety level is increased.

How does one lower adrenaline/NE, or make the body cope with it like it once did? Before adrenaline was such a good thing, I would invite it and love the feeling it would give me, that rush I would get was one of pure thrill and excitement, but now it all fear and panic.

anyone know what to take or do? (And please dont tell me about CBT or talk therapy or anything like that because that WONT work! this is a chemical issue not a mental issue, i keep telling my docs that but they dont get it)

thanks all.
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30 times a day???????? LOL you are INSANE

Quit caffeine if you have not already. It triggers the adrenal system to release some adrenaline thus leading to anxiety.
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i have quit all caffeine products, they INSTANTLY make me go into SEVERE panic attacks! its damn scary. it seems as tho,.. i have an adrenaline, excessive dopamine prodcution or too much estrogen or LACTIC acid in my bloodstream. I just WISH I could find out which one of these things it is... anyone know any ways to find out what one of those chemicals it is that is causing me the problems?

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first of all,call on Jesus,
dopamine is the precuser of adrenaline.
gaba is a inhibitory neurotransmitter,you wanna raise that,its a supplement.
b complex vitamines,water soluble,need them everyday or you get adrenal surges.
vitamin c,a relaxant,4000mg devided doses.
mineral mananese and magnesium.
doing cocaine? if yes,it releases huge amount of dopamine>adrenaline.
instead benzos,try kava kava,works the same way.

th bible said,renew your mind,also it says that God did not give us spirit of fear,so there must be a fear causing demon,rebuke him and live a good live for Jesus.He loves you.
What an Awesome Verse and an Awesome person you are to have these words for this young lady sweet yours in christ

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Inconceivable! as well as total lack of comprehension that you are recommending "try"ing "benzos, kava kava."  Moreover, they are very staid recommendations, which are solely worthy for discussion with an M.D.

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Why are you telling this child to take benzo's and kava kava???  Benzo's are highly addictive.

The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) advised comsumers not to take kava kava for more than three months at a time and not to exceed the recommened doses. In light of more recent findings, however, it would be prudent for many people to completely avoid preparations of kava kava.

Kava kava has been associated with serious side effects involving damage to the liver.  It is banned in France.  Health Canada advised all Canadians to avoid all kava kava products.

Kava Kava has been shown to interact with alcohol and several categories of prescription medications.  It increases the effect of barbiturates and other psychoactive medicatons, in one case study, a patient who took kava kava together with alprazolam ( a benzidiazepine) went into a coma.

Folks, please be CAREFUL with some advise on forums.

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child? im almost 28 years old.
And I would like to do a MASSIVE UPDATE ....

it seems as tho the anxiety and stuff that ive been having is not from over masturbation rather from a DEPENDENCY ON BENZOS.

I had 3 substance induced panic attacks about 11 months ago,.. I quit smoking pot after 10 years of daily use for about a month and i relapsed and smoked some high grade stuff and had my first massive panic attack, it lasted about 4 hours. I didnt smoke any pot for about 2 weeks and then tried the same pot again - and again had a panic attack. I quit pot for good then. I then decided it would be a good idea to quit cigarettes too so i did... about 2 weeks into my quit I had a grande super sweet strong coffee (i usually dont drink coffee) and had a massive panic attack. I found out MUCH LATER that this happened because i was in the "serious" withdrawal phase from quitting smoking and I was very sensitive to any stimulants.

After that coffee panic attack, I rushed to ER where they made me speak to a psych and i went on to tell him exactly what i have just wrote above about the quitting pot and cigs but he cut me off telling me I had an anxiety disorder and that i should stay on floor 3 the mental ward for a week for observations. At that time, I was scared and desperate and didnt know what was happening with me or why i kept having these panic attacks so I agreed. While on floor 3, they started giving me 2 tranquilizers, 1 benzo klonopin and 1 sleeping pill trazadone. after  only a few hours i asked to leave but they refused, after 2 days i asked again and they refused,.after 4 days they finally granted me my wish to leave but the psych wrote me a prescription for anti depressants and i refused saying i wasnt depressed. he then said 'at least take sumthing to calm down' and wrote me a script for klonopin benzo and trazadone
he prescribed me 60 benzos and i was hooked physically. after the 60 pills finished I started having severe symptoms -- dozens of them, cramping, burning, blood pressure issues - THIS is where my original question about masturbation and anxiety comes in. Every time i would have sex or masturbate,. I would get more anxiety because the benzos made my nervous system sooo sensitive. anyways, the increased anxiety and pains led me to ER where they would tell me i was suffering from stress and anxiety and would prescribe me MORE benzos this time ativan . when the ativan finished i had even MORE withdrawal symptoms and that made me go back to ER where they gave me MORE benzos,. this went on for 10 MONTHS!!!!
I FOUND out like 2 months ago the horrors of benzos and am trying to get off them now. I place blame of the docs and benzo pills for rebound anxiety and lots of suffering and pain and confusion. The psych shouldve listened to me and should have not prescribed me 60 pills right off the bat,. a few would be ok , he shouldve known i was having these panic attacks because of my withdrawal from pot and cigs ...

benzos are hell and they are poison.
It's 100% the benzos as I went through everything you describe and still have never been right since stopping benzos.. They ruined my life and sex life as I still get terrible symptoms after sex that I never got before benzos !!!!!!
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OMG... another benzo horror story.  I'm so sorry a doctor did this to you.  We are guinea pigs for their pills.  I know all about rebound anxiety and tolerance withdrawals.  It's hell on this earth.  Along with the horrible anxiety it causes, it can also cause increadible OCD.  The withdrawals gave me OCD and nervous tics, and I was misdiagnosed and given "Haldol", good lord that stuff made my arms flap around.  I've stopped the benzo's and no more OCD, tics or bad nerves or anything.  Just the physical damage and pain from the addiction.  Thanks doc!!!  When are they going to get the message about these benzo's!!!

I hope you're ok now.

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no im not ok.
right now i dont know if im suffering from withdrawal (tolerance) because i quit c/t so many times cuz no one told me i shouldnt. OR I dont know if i have a chest infection or  a virus or bacteria or something,. i feel like i have the flu but at the same time im having blood pressure issues. i really dont know whats going on with me right now,. my doc thinks im a hypochondriac - i get no help from him really. i dont know what to do.
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Trazadone is a  dangerous older antidepressant. With your sex problem NO DOCTOR should give that to you. Trazadone has been associated with the occurrence of Priapism. In many cases reported , surgical invention was required and some case , permanent impairment of Erectile function or impotence resulted. Male patients with prolonged or inappropriate erections should immediately discontinue the drug and consult there physcian. You might try not smoking pot. I have smoked it years ago and it caused me more anxiey problems It also cause me to have panic attacks.
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masturbation is not the cause of you having anxiety or panic attacks rather its a symptom. You masturbating is ur brain tryin to correct the chemical imbalance of serotonin probably caused by ur heavy use of weed. Try to stay away from benzos espcially the shorter halflife ones like xanax and if u need em take klonopan..which has a longer halflife and is a bit easier to get off of. An anti depressant is not a bad idea becuase it seems that ur serotonin levels are the problem and certain antidep.s will lower ur sexual drive by letting serotonin stay in the synaps longer...and never smoke weed again..you shouldve learned ur lesson the first time..its how i started my panic attacks and havnt smoked in almost 4 years, and have maybe 1 or 2 attacks a year.

take care
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