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masturbation and increase in anxiety/stress/panic

I have been a HEAVY masturbator since i was 13. In my early to late teen years I was masturbating up to 30 times a day, YES 30! no lie.  when i reached my 20s it went down to about 10 times a day. I am now 27 and about 4 months ago I had a terrible panic attack and have been having anxiety and high levels of stress on  a daily basis since then. The symptoms have stopped me from maturbating so much, but I still do it maybe 2 times a day. I found something interesting though. 2 days ago I masturbated like 8 times in the span of 3-4 hours. Since then I have has ELEVATED anxiety/panic and stress symptoms.

I have a feeling that the chronic masturbation has caused an imbalance of some kind of chemical or hormone in my brain. I have had a simple testosterone level check and they found my T to be in normal range but DHEA to be very high.

Is the masturbation causing me the anxiety/panic episodes? if so, why  and what can i do (other than quitting sex/masturbation) to stop it?
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i have quit all caffeine products, they INSTANTLY make me go into SEVERE panic attacks! its damn scary. it seems as tho,.. i have an adrenaline, excessive dopamine prodcution or too much estrogen or LACTIC acid in my bloodstream. I just WISH I could find out which one of these things it is... anyone know any ways to find out what one of those chemicals it is that is causing me the problems?

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first of all,call on Jesus,
dopamine is the precuser of adrenaline.
gaba is a inhibitory neurotransmitter,you wanna raise that,its a supplement.
b complex vitamines,water soluble,need them everyday or you get adrenal surges.
vitamin c,a relaxant,4000mg devided doses.
mineral mananese and magnesium.
doing cocaine? if yes,it releases huge amount of dopamine>adrenaline.
instead benzos,try kava kava,works the same way.

th bible said,renew your mind,also it says that God did not give us spirit of fear,so there must be a fear causing demon,rebuke him and live a good live for Jesus.He loves you.
What an Awesome Verse and an Awesome person you are to have these words for this young lady sweet yours in christ

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Inconceivable! as well as total lack of comprehension that you are recommending "try"ing "benzos, kava kava."  Moreover, they are very staid recommendations, which are solely worthy for discussion with an M.D.

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Why are you telling this child to take benzo's and kava kava???  Benzo's are highly addictive.

The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) advised comsumers not to take kava kava for more than three months at a time and not to exceed the recommened doses. In light of more recent findings, however, it would be prudent for many people to completely avoid preparations of kava kava.

Kava kava has been associated with serious side effects involving damage to the liver.  It is banned in France.  Health Canada advised all Canadians to avoid all kava kava products.

Kava Kava has been shown to interact with alcohol and several categories of prescription medications.  It increases the effect of barbiturates and other psychoactive medicatons, in one case study, a patient who took kava kava together with alprazolam ( a benzidiazepine) went into a coma.

Folks, please be CAREFUL with some advise on forums.

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child? im almost 28 years old.
And I would like to do a MASSIVE UPDATE ....

it seems as tho the anxiety and stuff that ive been having is not from over masturbation rather from a DEPENDENCY ON BENZOS.

I had 3 substance induced panic attacks about 11 months ago,.. I quit smoking pot after 10 years of daily use for about a month and i relapsed and smoked some high grade stuff and had my first massive panic attack, it lasted about 4 hours. I didnt smoke any pot for about 2 weeks and then tried the same pot again - and again had a panic attack. I quit pot for good then. I then decided it would be a good idea to quit cigarettes too so i did... about 2 weeks into my quit I had a grande super sweet strong coffee (i usually dont drink coffee) and had a massive panic attack. I found out MUCH LATER that this happened because i was in the "serious" withdrawal phase from quitting smoking and I was very sensitive to any stimulants.

After that coffee panic attack, I rushed to ER where they made me speak to a psych and i went on to tell him exactly what i have just wrote above about the quitting pot and cigs but he cut me off telling me I had an anxiety disorder and that i should stay on floor 3 the mental ward for a week for observations. At that time, I was scared and desperate and didnt know what was happening with me or why i kept having these panic attacks so I agreed. While on floor 3, they started giving me 2 tranquilizers, 1 benzo klonopin and 1 sleeping pill trazadone. after  only a few hours i asked to leave but they refused, after 2 days i asked again and they refused,.after 4 days they finally granted me my wish to leave but the psych wrote me a prescription for anti depressants and i refused saying i wasnt depressed. he then said 'at least take sumthing to calm down' and wrote me a script for klonopin benzo and trazadone
he prescribed me 60 benzos and i was hooked physically. after the 60 pills finished I started having severe symptoms -- dozens of them, cramping, burning, blood pressure issues - THIS is where my original question about masturbation and anxiety comes in. Every time i would have sex or masturbate,. I would get more anxiety because the benzos made my nervous system sooo sensitive. anyways, the increased anxiety and pains led me to ER where they would tell me i was suffering from stress and anxiety and would prescribe me MORE benzos this time ativan . when the ativan finished i had even MORE withdrawal symptoms and that made me go back to ER where they gave me MORE benzos,. this went on for 10 MONTHS!!!!
I FOUND out like 2 months ago the horrors of benzos and am trying to get off them now. I place blame of the docs and benzo pills for rebound anxiety and lots of suffering and pain and confusion. The psych shouldve listened to me and should have not prescribed me 60 pills right off the bat,. a few would be ok , he shouldve known i was having these panic attacks because of my withdrawal from pot and cigs ...

benzos are hell and they are poison.
It's 100% the benzos as I went through everything you describe and still have never been right since stopping benzos.. They ruined my life and sex life as I still get terrible symptoms after sex that I never got before benzos !!!!!!
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OMG... another benzo horror story.  I'm so sorry a doctor did this to you.  We are guinea pigs for their pills.  I know all about rebound anxiety and tolerance withdrawals.  It's hell on this earth.  Along with the horrible anxiety it causes, it can also cause increadible OCD.  The withdrawals gave me OCD and nervous tics, and I was misdiagnosed and given "Haldol", good lord that stuff made my arms flap around.  I've stopped the benzo's and no more OCD, tics or bad nerves or anything.  Just the physical damage and pain from the addiction.  Thanks doc!!!  When are they going to get the message about these benzo's!!!

I hope you're ok now.

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no im not ok.
right now i dont know if im suffering from withdrawal (tolerance) because i quit c/t so many times cuz no one told me i shouldnt. OR I dont know if i have a chest infection or  a virus or bacteria or something,. i feel like i have the flu but at the same time im having blood pressure issues. i really dont know whats going on with me right now,. my doc thinks im a hypochondriac - i get no help from him really. i dont know what to do.
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Trazadone is a  dangerous older antidepressant. With your sex problem NO DOCTOR should give that to you. Trazadone has been associated with the occurrence of Priapism. In many cases reported , surgical invention was required and some case , permanent impairment of Erectile function or impotence resulted. Male patients with prolonged or inappropriate erections should immediately discontinue the drug and consult there physcian. You might try not smoking pot. I have smoked it years ago and it caused me more anxiey problems It also cause me to have panic attacks.
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masturbation is not the cause of you having anxiety or panic attacks rather its a symptom. You masturbating is ur brain tryin to correct the chemical imbalance of serotonin probably caused by ur heavy use of weed. Try to stay away from benzos espcially the shorter halflife ones like xanax and if u need em take klonopan..which has a longer halflife and is a bit easier to get off of. An anti depressant is not a bad idea becuase it seems that ur serotonin levels are the problem and certain antidep.s will lower ur sexual drive by letting serotonin stay in the synaps longer...and never smoke weed again..you shouldve learned ur lesson the first time..its how i started my panic attacks and havnt smoked in almost 4 years, and have maybe 1 or 2 attacks a year.

take care
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Hey, I suffering of the same thing. I had the same problem as you had. I began masturbating since I was 13, I would masturbate an average of about 5 times a day. Now that I'm 29, I just began having panics attacks followed by OCD. I couldn't work or study, it was hell. Now that I've stopped masturbating for a while symptoms have reduced by I'm still recovering. I think the reason we experience this is because we are obsessed getting laid. I think we suffer from the same problem, the best step to take in order to reduce you level of anxiety is stop being obsessed with girls, try to think of something else even if it's hard, and stop masturbating. But I would like to know if this helps reduce your OCD?
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Thank goodness I found this post.I have the same problem too.Masturbation does cause a lot of problems.In  the past,I jog a lot.Now after masturbation,walking fast makes my heart beat very fast and I have to take a long time to slow my heart to the normal pace but warming down.Its crazy.I have joined an anxiety chatroom and was told"Its just exercise"I have no idea why masturbation causes this.I'm too ashamed to bring it up to my doctor anyway.After masturbation,any phsycial activity after that seems to bring up the heartrate much faster,makes the body 'overheats' faster.I believe one could die from heat exhaustion this way.I'm looking forward to your response.
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i think u had a worry of gettin caught when you masterbate so somehow it grew in your sub conciense
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it is possible that the masturbation increases epinephrine levels or noradrenaline and that is causing the over stimulation which causes the fast heart rate and stuff.. but one thing for sure,. is to NEVER be embarassed about bringing up anything to your doc, trust me they have heard and seen waaaay worse things,. like diseased penises,. vaginas covered in fungus,.. to your doc this masturbation thing is nothing man!  so dont be afraid to tell.

considering your s/n is ihaveanxiety,. i think that your anxiety is causing these problems as your are very sensitive because of it and you feel the palpitations now and all that before you didnt,.. im sure you are not having a true organ problem, but its more psychological... psychological problems then turn and make physical problems like racing heart, feeling hot, sweating, dizzyness,. tightness in chest throat,. etc...

i suggest u take all this up with your doc please do not be afraid!!
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This might seem a bit far out but go with me on it. When people take stimulant drugs, there is a release of pleasure-causing chemicals in the brain. Repeated use of these types of drugs can cause a chemical imbalance by draining the brain's stock of these chemicals, leading in some cases to episodes of anxiety/panic/depression. It might be that a similar phenomenon is occurs as a result of serial masturbation. Pleasure causing brain chemicals are released during climax (which, like those released by drugs, can also be addictive). When you do this over and over again the brain becomes drained of these chemicals and doesn't have time to 're stock' before they are released again. This is why it feels more intense and pleasurable when you havent done it for a while.

For the reasons mentioned above I would recommend gradually reducing the amount of times per day/week that you masturbate, and see if this improves your symptoms. If you have trouble doing this, don't be embarrassed to see a doctor. They see things that you wouldn't believe!
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The fact that you jack off 30 times a day tells me you have something a little more related to OCD. And benzos are not bad so do not give them a bad rap. They work the best for short term anxiety relief but a good SSRI(Zoloft, Lexapro) would be better for long term rgiments to balance out the seratonin levels.The only time benzos are bad is when they are abused. I currently take appx 1 mg of xanax daily along with my 100 mgs of zoloft and they work wonderfully in concert with each other.
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I have read most of this discussion, and many contributors are very close to solving your problem, but none of them have quite got it. I have the answer, I am sure of it.

I have many of your symptoms. I have bad panic attacks, bad head rushes whenever I get up from low blood pressure, bad OCD, occasional anxiety depression and I even had a seizure when I was 17. I am now 20. One of my parents is a neurologist with similar symptoms (although mine are, in many areas, worse) and has worked out what is going on.

The answer is to do with dopamine (and serotonin etc) and adrenaline (inc.noradrenaline). Essentially, these chemicals are put out by your body. What people often neglect to realise is that they are a limited supply. You and I are bad at conserving our supplies, which flare up unlike other peoples.

The reason you masturbate/ drink alcohol/ smoke weed/ smoke cigs/ maybe even exercise more than other people is because these things temporarily give you a high by making your brain release adrenaline and other endorphins. they make you feel better temporarily, but a while later you will have a come down, and have used up more of your brain's supply of adrenaline and other chemicals. This is what ***** you up, give you OCD symptoms, facial tics, panic attacks (I am treating us as equivalent), even blood pressure changes. Some of these things can therefore SEEM good, but they can do you harm.

The trick is balance, which is SO SO hard to learn.

You need to make sure that you eat well and regularly. Protein is important for synthesising these chemicals in particular (I take l-tyrosine supplements occasionally, btu they make me quite aggro sometimes). I get VERY ******* HUNGRY very suddenly when i get hungry, and it's because my chemicals are less regulated. On an empty stomahc your adrenaline levels spike. I go nuts.

You need to sleep well and regularly. This is important for two reasons. 1st, replenishing energy levels, inc. supplies of chemicals. 2, controlling your circadian rhythms. These need to be encouragedf to be as regular as clockwork. When you wake up, adrenaline, serotonin etc rise and melatonin gets suppressed. when you sleep, vice versa. Ensure this happens properly, if it doesnt, and you dont wake up properly, it can f up your day. I recommend regular bedtimes, sleep until you naturally wake up (no alarm) and a daylight lamp in the morning. Feel more awake and happy when youre in a sunny place? Look up sunlight affective disorder. It is connected and you probably have it. Dont have bright lights/ computer screens late at night. Unlike me now haha.

do not over do it. too much exercsie/ mental activity= too much chemcial output and will be followed by a drop. you need to take care of yourself MUCH MROE THAN NORMAL PEOPLE. I need 10 hours sleep a night. It is hard to know when you have overdone it. Often I want to go out at night ESPECIALLY when my levels are low to get that temporary boost that makes me feel good. I have to stop myself, go to bed, and feel better the next day. It is hard.

On the flipside exercise in moderation can get your circadian rhythms flowing properly. Just not too much. I said it was a balance.

by far the most useful supplements i have taken are GABA and St Johns wort. The first has already been suggested by the wacko christian waso on this thread. It reduces my anxiety; it is what the brain uses to make a chemcial that mops up stress. St Johns wort is a really natural antidepressant. i take two tablets SJW and one GABA before bed every night.

Thank you for drawing my attention to masturbation as a user-upper of adrenaline, I had thought about it before but will now put it into practice and not do it when im tired. take note.

that advice could change your life, it has taken me years to learn. One aspect of it is called dopamine supersensitivity, but doctors dont know much about this in its complexity. it is related on the one hand to mood disorders, on the other to chronic fatigue, in terms of the neurological features. GOOD LUCK.

Oh, and stop smoking weed and cigarettes (ive kicked both), cut down on your masturbation, and do things that are productive and make you feel good. This condition also means that you are literally 'superseisitive' to many inputs, and can make you more interesting and attentive to the world. Forget about benzos and most other medication and whenever you feel yourself panicking just try and relax, and think of nice things as hard as that sounds.
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I always thought that sex/masturbation released endorphines which is a natural stimulant that makes a person/body feel good! Idk I think it's deeper than too much masturbation that is causing the anxiety! I would def get a medical opinion ! Good luck!


Ps for me sex is one of the few things in life I'm actually anxiety free!
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I have the same problem. I told my OB about the frequent masterbation and feeling frustrated. She said it was more likely anxiety/stress related. She put me on effexor and the next day my urges almost completely stopped. After being on effexor for years the urges only come back when go off the meds. I will never stop the meds.
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my OB said it was OCD related. Sorry I forgot for a minute what she said.
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help for mommy, on your profile it said your a male but in your post you said you have a ob? I hope it's a typo on your profile!?
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There is a greater chance of getting loss of memory,concentration even hair loss. So guy you've to stop it to avoid that. These symptoms are the same as mine  I used to masturbate about 6 years past bt now I'm trying to stop but the only thing that set me back is I can't with stand in a day without watching porn in my pc
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Hi everyone,

you all sound like such great people!

I have almost all of the same symptoms, they just started recently though. ive smoked pot since i was 17, im now 24. in the last few months, ive eased off pot, for no real reason i guess.. but aug 18th, i drove to the hospital thinking i was dying, they gave me ativan and told me to calm down. i took half an ativan, and felt like a zombie. a calmer zombie, but a zombie. i quit smoking for the week after, and also masturbating. the anxiety is still present, rearing its ugly head at inopportune times. i used to masturbate very frequently (to my standards, at least lol) once or twice a day. after my attack, i didnt eat, smoke, or masturbate the following week, it was the worst week of my life. ive begun to masturbate occaisionally... unfortunately, i feel like a small hit helps sometimes, but i know it only makes it worse! i really dont have any answers, just sympathy! i feel like this battle is all up to me, my doctors answer will obviously be more drugs. i hope we all live calmer lives, hope to hear more from you guys!
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Hi, Just wanted to share my experiences as well...

Im 26 years old...around 7 years ago, i had an extremely stressfull week where i was in the office all day long, working non stop and having 8-9 cups of coffe in a day, eating restaurant food and junk food...few days after this week, i had what i believe now was my first anxiety attack(severe heart palpitations, breathlessness, sweating), Doc came and heard my story and told me that i had Gas...gave me medicines and it relieved me to a certain level, but for months after this episode I became very sensitive...for example if I knew that I were to have a confrontation with someone I would start shaking, get breathless and had to seriously compose myself...I never went to Psychiatrist then.

Now, almost 6 years after the above, I took a Holiday and stayed with a couple of friends...during this trip I consumed alchohol and smoked regularly even though I generally dont drink or smoke, but I just let go and had fun...After I returned home I started getting severe anxiety attacks..it got so bad that I could not leave my house. I went to Psychiatrist who diagnosed me with Anxiety and Social Phobia, since i was very perturbed with what other people thought of me since I am obese...he put me on regular medicines and I would periodically check in with him...Gradually I started improving upto the point where for the last 2 months or so I have been totally of the medicines and was feeling generally better...Now for the last week or so I have been feeling uneasy again, breathing difficulty, digestion problems, shaking. sweating etc...At this point I realised that maybe it had something to do with masturbation...I also started masturbation at an early age and continue to do it and have been a heavy masturbator...for the last week I have been masturbating excessively and maybe that has led to this latest episode...going back on the meds for now and going to meet my Doc on Monday and will ask him about this and if possible also show him this thread...

I wish there were more studies on this as many people seem to be having very similiar problems..
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I think I agree with brenndy, it must be to do with adrenaline and endorphins. Seriously though, 30 times a  day?  Mate, that's a full time job!  
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"Before I started getting all these panic attacks, My ejaculations were great, felt such a rush everytime i did it, my veins would stick out as I would get a rush of joy and pleasure throughout my body, NOW all that good feeling has been traded with panic and anxiety and chest pains , headaches, no more veins popping out, no more euphoria or thrills, its just all negative stuff.  Something happened here. "

That is EXACTLY what I get!
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i m also heavy heavy heavy masterbator ....now plz read my surprising story....i m doin masterbation from the age 5 years....30 times a day...now i m 42....no single day gap in last 37 years........i m also having severe panice attacks and anxiety disorder,,,, i m not even able to offer pray.....not able to walk...not able to speak....got severe stress on mind in while walking...i cant stand up for a while as i stand up heart beat increases no control....when i try to quit from masterbation the symptoms get more sever......plz tell me anyone what should i do now...
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I can undetstand your problem coz am also in the same..

Fact is it doesnt only afect ur social life thro stress ,anxiety,dpression panic etc...but also affects internal health..

During sex/masturbation our sexual organs get the senses and feelings thro neuro transsmitters  secreted from liver..during this time the livers main activity of secreting digetive enzymes to digest food will be kept on hold. or will be less effective..

Slowly this will lead to liver not secreting proper enzymes or other words liver damage..

Symptoms of liver damage :Bloating,Anxiety,Mood swings.too much stress,indigestion,gas etc and usually damaged liver will take a lot of time to show it out unlike other organs which means moment it shows out itll be for  some thing serious.

so obviously ur symptooms of too much anxiety and panic is coz of liver problems .

Plzzz do some thing coz for ur age its too late...u might face a liver damage prombel very sooner

Kindly take efforst to stop it by taking effective measures.
1..Keep ur mind always occupied with something or keep talking to some one over fone  when ur lonely
2.Stop watching porn or divert it by reading something useful on net.
3.Go for regular exercise. or gym to relax from stress or anxiety

I pray to god everyday for people like us..now i pray for u too..dont worry some thing good will happen very shortly.
we should no more be a victim of these sexual thoughts and dirty habits .we have a life in hand.We will live it happy.

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thanx a lot dear.......... i wish to ask u a question ........if i quit this habbit then everything can be reversal or not? if yes what measures can be taken to recover soon???? should  take anti deperessent tablet ? shoul i go to physcatrist??? or should i leave everything to the nature....that after sometime all symptoms will remove automatically by postive change in life??

whether to quit from sex is the permanent solution of these problems?
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I think you are experiencing adrenal fatigue. Drain all your back up resources, so to speak. When younger you body recuperates faster. Please look up Adrenal fatigue. I also feel you, and anyone dealing with emotional triggers, would benefit greatly from Robert Smith' Faster EFT look him up on youtube Channel HealingMagic.

Best luck too all.

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I had a bad trip on LSD and sufffered from severe panic attacks and even hallucinations for months. Propanolol Hydrochloride was the solution to my probolem. It isnt so strong but if you keep topping up and be patient it really starts to help. Not only did it solve the short-term anxiety problems, but it also has reversed the post-traumatic stess disorder i was diagnosed with. Benzos destroy you and are completely unnecesary.
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lol. i dont seem to be alone with this same story. ive been having a hell of a time these past few days and my feet and my hands have been tingling like they are in hell, ears ringing + plus real edgy and pissed off. its called paresthesia and its caused by applying pressure to nerves for extended periods of time it feels like pins and needles, gaping of t he mouth, and a short temper. this made total sense because i was sitting here on this crappy chair squeezing my johnson running a mouse and elevating my legs. thats probly about ten nerves i was applying pressure to and i can feel the effects.
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@ stressedoutwanker: Thanks for your wonderful advice. I am in same boat.But also expereince more side effects in my head. whenever i wear glasses the ear top area, the nerves tickle and irrate and bother . I feel like always rubbing it up and down with my fingers, but doesnt help. My head feel so dry and heavy. I feel my as if my nerves in the head are dried up. Wearing glasses always give me problem, due to me having low vision on top of this masturbation case.

Due to this i am not able to socially interact well, communicate or study well.

If you have more advise on this, please help.

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hi I've been reading up on possibilities of masturbation and anxiety being related for some time, basically because I was getting very nasty physical 'funny turns'  like my head went fuzzy, dizzy, thumping heartbeat and massive pressure in my head.  couple of times I genuinely thought I was going to keel over or something would pop in my head.  not fun.  Docs did tests and all normal.  I did masturbate probably 2 or 3 times a day every day.  But sometimes it would be marathons.. masturbation while watching skin flicks etc or chatting online.. for 5.. 6 hours etc.    but the time I finished I was a nervous wreck.  sat on the edge of climax for 5 hours..  adrenals overused.

So i did my own research.. over months I learned a little here and there.. and discarded a little info here and there.  All info from respected sources and science based.  If you have a look at Adrenal Exhaustion and how this can knock on to many many other symptoms... like acute hypo-glycemia and so-on.  not to mention of course much heightened anxiety.  Yes there is a connection with the DHEA balances and how they change from excessive ejaculation.  I'm not a bible-basher.   Also check out about eating a low GI diet as this may reduce the up-down seesaw of your blood sugar..  blood sugar levels and adrenal function are closely linked too (hence me mentioning hypoglycemia earlier).  Main things I'd say to try is learn as much about adrenal exhaustion as you can, and low GI diet(smaller portions, more meals), and moderate sensible exercise that also doesnt send your adrenaline pumping...  gentle stroll for 10 mins for example.

I've just typed the stuff above... not gone over and edited it for smoother reading.. but I hope you get what I'm talking about.  Main thing = Adrenal Exhaustion.
I hope this helps.  Take care.
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oh sorry just read above and someone already said about adrenals.. yes she's right.  sorry :)
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Go outside and have a walking meditation, every time u want to do it.
There is no way of reducing from 6 to 1 time a day.
U quit doing it or u continue doing it.
Early life stress has set ur body on fire and masturbation seems to function
releasing method but at the end it makes it even worse.
Compare it with other addictions like alcohol, at the end u nead more to have the
same results.
Do somthing to release your stress but refuse the attraction of masturbation.


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Stay completely away from any prescription medicines.I was on xanax as well as zoloft and paxil.The anxiety I suffered from withdrawl of xanax was almost unbearable and lasted at least a year.The paxil,however,stayed with me for years and I could literally taste it in my mouth.Try taking 4000 iu of vitamin D3 as well as staying away from all stimulants ie...caffeine..Alcohol can also trigger panic when you withdrawl.Pot or "weed" definitely  has some co-relation as well since   my first panic attack happened soon after I started smoking it.Stay positive rid yourself of negative people and emotions and I would suggest to stop masturbation and get yourself a girlfriend.Masturbation definitely contributes by lowering your self esteem and causing a guilt complex as we are all taught that masturbation is wrong.I definitely did improve when I stopped all of the aforementioned.Oh and may I suggest that you switch to a non-flouridated toothpaste as well.Check to see if your water is flouridated as this is a poison and must have some affective properties as well....Good luck...
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I know the cure to your problems. Do some pilates exercises because it helps relax your body from tightness and gives you a good feeling but, it doesn't happen overnight. You have to do them the same amount of months or years as you have masturbated.

Here's the website that's filled with pilates exercises:
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i was the same way then i got tested for add. As soon as i started taking my pills which are called concerta i found my anxiety left me. I started noticing things that would normally make me panic and waste my whole day just bounced off of me. maybe cause they raise your hart rate and you get used to it again. Even now when stressed i can actually talk myself out of it which before was impossible. and for the masterbation part i think its cause of the loss of zinc
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30 times a day? Its a wonder you didnt drain yourself and the damn thing didnt fall off (Portnoy's Complaint).

I am sure this has to have some impact on your system chemistry and the rest of your plumbing equipment.

I read a long time ago that body zinc levels lower as you ejaculate. Try a zinc supplement then go to town brother.
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This is a really interesting thread. I don't have Anxiety as most of you have, have never done any drugs, cigarettes, alcohol or anything. I have masterbated alot in my life since age 13 or so, tho not nearly as much as many have mentioned her. At the most once or twice in a day. Though not consistantly. Spent hours looking at porn wasting time. I have epilepsy and it was completely controlled by medication for much of my life except every once in a while I wouldhave a partial complex seizure (I black out and end up crawling around the house.) I've come to find that their is definently a connection to the activity of the masturbation/ejaculation/orgasm though it feels so good and it causing me to have a partial seizure. I've gone for periods of time where I didn't masturbate, and didn't have a partial seizure. I never connected the two till sometime in the last 5 years. I began to notice when I went without a partial seizure, that when I did have one that I had spent ime masturbating for a couple of days. In someone with epilepsy seizures usually stem from a from a cell somewhere that is damaged, kind of like a peice of wire that has had a peice of insulation removed. If you'v ever touched a peice of electrical wire and peen shocked a bit like a sting, There are electrical pulses that go throughout the brain and when they trigger through the dammaged cell the misfire to wrong places. When there is alot of misfireing there can be a buildup of the electrical impulses which have no where to go and so the spiral out across the outside of the brain and cause the seizures. Takl about fatigued afterwards I ma have tosleep for a day sometimes to recuperate. I'm 46 and recently married. My wife has bipolar disorder depression and anxiety. She says she has never had an orgasm. I have been trying to get her to let me give her one and we have tried a couple of times. After we stop she goes into a sever panic attack. It's made me think about the difference between men and women in their sex organs. A womans clitoris has more nerves packed densly than a mans penis. More women struggle with anxiety and depression than men do. Could it be that maybe a woman is stimulated by her clitoris without sexual contact but from walking and when she is laying down on her side her clitoris is under pressure from her legs. It may not cause an orgasm but they without knowing it may be enough stimulation to cause the cronic fatigue many of them have. My first girlfriend and I had a year where once I learned how to stimulate her to an orgasm, we were having sex every day. I wish we would have gotten married. But as I look at porn where I see some of these young women constantly hving orgasms, I am beginning to wonder and maybe feel sorry for them because of the consequences they may pay later in life if they keep it up as a career. Not that all of them are really orgasming. many are faking for the camera I think. I recently read that 58% of women admitted to faking orgasms and having sex to get their hubbys to do extra work around the house.  
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@ Everyone  I came across this Asian Doctor many years ago and just recently saw his website again. He speliazes in what we've been talking about. He records his case notes online. He doesn't have statistacial data, but it is really interesting. He covers EVERYTHING relating to orgasms from Acne-Yeast Infections. He does sell some herbal products to help heal or assist with problems people experience. Its all interestng reading

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I would follow up on the Zinc suggestion as well as add in magnesium (crushed form and with milk or water as to avoid affecting your bowels). Magnesium allows your body to create seratonin which you could be low on. Magnesium is used when you are under a lot of stress/ors. As well you may want to add in vitamin B complex 100 2x a day.

Although I have only been on B100 and Magnesium for about a month my anxiety levels have reduced considerably. Read about how to relax as well as cognitive based therapy CTB to help you notice but not react to your anxiety symptoms as if you react you always have the strong possability to make it worse and spiral into a full blown panic attack.

When you masterbate are you sweating a lot?  You could be losing mag and sodium and your ejaculate will have mag loss too.

Other good readings I would suggest are What Doctors don't tell you about anxiety... And the magnesium miracle or magnesium factor. 3 good books that have helped me tremendously with my anxiety that popped up out of nowhere a year ago. I wasn't a serial masterbator, but I was on a diuretic and I work out a lot , run a lot and sweat a lot during sex and as we'll during aggressive masterbation.

I started with Zoloft and it helped a lot. I now know how to control my anxiety to stay at the small symptom levels instead of a full blown panic attack and am now off if that and just taking vitamins with mag 2x a day and 5-HTP which helps out a ton as well. I also release stress through running reading and other relaxing things. I don't use stimulants except for ginseng and only use pot once a month to relax not for a full blown high.

Best of luck and please report your progress
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Dude wow crazy story ! I went through the same scenario, except for the prrescription pills, I was a heavy pot smoker and one night I was so anxious to smoke some pot I got me some good grade A weed, after smoking it, I was feeling very strange and very weird, everything was looking strange to me, I couldn't comprehend my surroundings, luckily I was with my sober best friend, I passed out on the couch, I couldn't feel my legs, they were shaking like crazy, so he called an ambulance, I arrived to the hospital all they gave me was an IV and hour later I felt normal. Another day I smoke again and the same thing Happend.. Again to the hospital, so by the fith time they said I needed to stay at a physco room, first night they gave me these pills, I don't recall the names.. I went bananas.. I started weeping and calling for god in a dark room with nothing but walls.. It was a horrible feeling.. So after 2 weeks I got better they suggested I take some therapy, I skipped the therapy, and i quit pot for good! Then i got into depression/panic attacks.. I started working and met a female and din't get the panic attacks ever again .. Just little depression... 8 years later i quit my job female left me n now I'm suffering from anxiety/panic/depression.. Oh and yes I remember a lot of times during sex I use to get these crazy panic attacks , and I believe it was from feeling guilt.. Anyways, so this preset day I'm going through some harsh times with anxiety, panic attacks, I been going through this for 10 yrs now !! It ***** .. I don't wish this for no one in this planet !! :/
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Yes. Take it from me if anyone. A year ago i had 2-4 a day and found it hard to talk about anything meaningful to anyone and it was only until september pf last year i felt the full effects of the anxiety caused by masturbating. In this case it lead to a temporary form of depersonalization (when a person feels disconected from the world and doesn't feel as if what's happening around them is real) after 1 month of this torture i decided to try the only thing i hadn't yet and that was tone down the masturbating. Now my life is great. I love chatting meaningfully, my wit is far quicker, confidence is up and i and great friends with girls and have the confidence to go out and pull at weekends. If you want to turn your life around and get confidence and sharpness back tone masturbating down to once every two days at least. I swear you'll love the person you are. All masturbating excessively is doing is covering up your confidence and personality. Please take this advice. It'll be the best thing you've ever done with your life. Hope this helps bud. Head up and resist temptation.
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Thank you I like your comment i smoke a cigarette once a year and masturbate once a month/week and drink vodka once a 3 months and energy drinks once a week and i watch porn 3/5 times a week that's it and i never took drugs/weed/cocaine/heroin or etc
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Same problem I had. Good idea for me was to stop once and for all. I had a different life where I was beginning to be a psychic (masturbation likely related). Life was awesome. I continued to masturbate and all of a sudden felt torment and emotionally depressed one day. It was a long "I could have become someone by now" road. Lots of missed opportunities. I felt defeated, and you try to think of a positive attitude but unfortunately I was negative every day. Your mojo (what drives you) is locked up. To anyone reading this, its not worth it. Think of your future and all the blessings you could receive from the moment you stop. You will see a change in your life.

1. You feel nerves all around. Everywhere you go, you try not to get hit or bump into something. Being more careful but worrisome.

2. Regret and in denial settles in. You dont care what others think but of only yourself. I should have done this or that circulating around your mind.

3. Lack of motivation. Tired. Clumsy. You want to feel happy but pretend to be because of your anxiety levels. There's an imbalance with the chemicals in your body.

4. Medical Problems. Cyst, Hypersalivation, Anxiety attacks, cerebral palsy.

Quit now
Be in paradise.
Did your symptoms disappear after stopping?
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I Google this question to see what I got I am a female with the same problem although I didn't start masturbating until I was in my early twenties. I just has an anxiety attack yesterday right after and wondered if they were related I thought since I only masturbating with water that perhaps I would decrease my chances of anything physically being wrong with me. Now that I see that there are a plethora of people with this problem I think I have to stop now. This is a sad day.
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Im 13, do girls masturbate?
Most do, some don't.  Most guys do, some don't.  It depends on the level of a person't sex drive, and that differs a lot by the person.  
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that is due to blood pressure sudden increase.
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you masturbate because that is the only way you can relax and relieve your anxiety I know I used to do the same thing I am 62 now but I used to buy sex toys or just manually do it my self cause I was so depressed and had so much anxiety that was my only way to relax my self no shame in my book
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