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music and ocd

is there any research that music and ocd are linked?

i write my own music and have done since i was a kid - and a LOT  of people i know that are very into music have got the same type of OCD. (intrusive thoughts)

Ive got other friends that have learnt an instrument and as they started to really get into it they started developing OCD.

i just wanted to know if anyone else has ever this? It just seemed strange. I know 9 people who have the same OCD as me - and 7 of them are really into writing music.
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I have never heard of that, but it sounds really interesting, Maybe google it or even ask your doctor. It would be really interesting if there was a link. Maybe it would even help research etc. I know that people are really into music tend to have extremely creative minds, maybe the link lies in there?
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I found a really interesting article about this...  Want me to email it to you?
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