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my old freind anxiety

i went to the docs 6 weeks ago ,had a blood test done for diabetes and when results came back doc said i dont have diabetes which was good but  i have very high cholesterol and he wants me to start 6 months on statin drugs to lower cholesterol...i asked if i could try and lower it naturally and he said no because it is too high and diet ,exercise wont do it i need drugs.. i have heard about statins and man i am freaked out about the negative reviews from leading  scientists and even doctors on the internet on them.its all bad reviews on this drug to the point where i wont take them.what should i do..in the last 4-5 weeks since i saw him ive quit smoking.lost 15kgs and do i feel good...big no..im having anxiety issues,amongst all the withdrawl symptoms,i dont know wheather im coming or going ,feeling anxious and confused.,i went to see another doc for a second opinion(have to do another blood test next week to see if it has lowered since my regime but my statin drugs havnt been touched am i doing the wrong thing by not taking them just because of bad reviews or should i listen to my first doc.because now im having serious anxiety issues as i have had anxiety problems before.any thoughts welcome.
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Like you, I've done a great deal of research on cholesterol and statins . My cholesterol was always great yet I had a heart attack two years ago. I know some people that have had high cholesterol for years and years and have not had a heart attack. I tried statins after the heart attack and it was awful for me. After trying several of them and ending up on the couch hardly able to move for a week on the last one my cardio Dr took me off them. I'm not trying to scare you by telling you my story. Many people tolerate statins very well. You have to try them first though. Some things you can do to help your cholesterol and protect your heart have already been mentioned. Exercise, losing weight, which you've already done. quitting smoking, which you've already done. and completely changing your diet. It can be hard at first but if you can eat a more plant based diet it will do wonders for you. When you do your grocery shopping go around the isles. That's where you will find fruits, veggies, and other healthy foods. Do your research to find foods that help keep the inflammation down in your body. You can also work with a nutritionist specialist to help you choose healthy foods. Sorry my post is so long. Like you, I wonder how much statins really work and I also wonder why so many people, like me, have heart attacks with very good cholesterol levels all of their lives.  
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This is a big debate and statins have been shown to lower cholesterol which as you know high cholesterol is a risk factor for heart disease.

Are you overweight?  How about your eating habits?  What did he say your cholesteral numbers are?

I have lost 60 lbs and my numbers have dropped by over 25 points... But if it is that high maybe you could use the statins and get yourself back to being healthy and slowly work with your doc to come off of it and see how your body maintains?

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why not try using diet.   There is lots of debate over the role of cholesterol and heart disease
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thanks for your response dolphin8808 i 45yo am overweight(120 kg-but was 135 5 weeks ago) for my height(6ft) but im of solid build(im not like if i were 2 feet shorter id be perfectly round type),i am a bad eater looking back into my life i mostly ate indiscriminatley and my cholesteral is 6.5 when i had the blood test 6 -8weeks ago).you know i left work early yesterday to see doc because i have been feeling anxious about my cholesteral and he gave me the dire alternatives again so i bit the bullet and took a statin last night damn.all night my heart was like pulpitating mildly and i didnt sleep well.im not taking another one till i get 2nd opinion.hey thanks for your reponse i really appreciate it.peace and harmony to you my freind.
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im working on now my brother and yes the cholesteral issue is almost up there with religion(humor)thanks for your response my freind.
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hi remar,thanks for your response. its amazing the stories you hear about statins,and like you said even with  good cholesteral levels you can still have a heart attack.(like yourself).i took my first statin 2 nights ago and almost immediatly my  upper left side of my chest was so sore and aching ,my heart palpitated all night and i felt  anxiety and light headed and this went on the whole next day.i went to the docs the next day and expressed my dislike of the side effects,i reminded him that i have taken serious steps to naturally lower my cholesteral.i quit ciggerettes lost 15kgs in 2 months im going to join a gym this week and do cardio exercise,so he said ok stop the statins and continue your regime for 3 months then well do another blood test.but yeah i couldnt beleive the side effects and only of 1 little pill.thanks for response again and i hope the best for you and you health take care. rixsta.
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.i heard statins are the most disscontinued drug to date..very interesting!.
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They are one of the highest perscribed so it does make you wonder how much is actual prevention and how much is the big pharama?

I agree with remar as well, getting healthy is the all around way to go as well :) No doubt you will see a difference in your numbers!
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thanks dolphin8808 i hope there's a big drop in my numbers as thats what im striving for.id hate for the doc to recomend statins again but if he does  at my next blood test results  in 3 months im just gonna punch him straight in the face lol..
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Ha ha! I'm sorry but I had to laugh at your comment about your Dr.
I'm not sure if you were having side effects from one dose or not, it could have been your fear of taking them and your anxiety.It's sure a possibility though. I was put on a statin while still in the hospital and started having side effects. I'm not sure which med it was from because I had been given so many. I do know I had awful ones once I got home and the whole time I was on statins. Oh! They were terrible. But, like I said, many people tolerate them very well.
This truly is such a huge debate. Statins or no statins. Do they really help or not? What kind of long term damage can they do? Yes, the drug companies make a lot of money off of these meds. Some Drs take the easy way out and put their patients on statins right away instead of talking to them about life style changes. You've made some huge changes in your life already and will continue to keep at it. I think that's great!
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