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nothing feels real can you help me understand what i'm experiencing

I don't really understand whats happening and its hard to explain but ill try. so like ill be driving and it feels like i'm in one of those driving games at the arcade, i know its not but like it feels so artificial . Just life seems fake i will go to class, go to work, come home and i feel like a weird sense of not being real it really feels like i'm living in a video game which is funny because i'm horrible at them so that's probably why my life isnt the best lol but anyways. the other day was really intense with this and i spent some time looking at myself in the mirror. like face on mirror looking at my eyes and it didn't seem correct like i can't tell what it is it just feels artificial. Like I know i'm not living in a video game that's just the best was to describe the sensation. it doesn't really feel like dissociation bc im not out of body its just everything seems artificial.
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For the most part, derealization or depersonsalization aren't diseases on their own, they are usually symptoms of other diseases, usually depression and anxiety and other mental disorders.  You haven't said if you have any of these, though you are writing on an anxiety forum.  But that doesn't necessarily mean what you're feeling is a disease state or part of a disease state.  Sometimes people just have periods of their lives where suddenly nothing makes sense.  This can be caused by not being happy with your life or your career or a relationship.  It's also, by the way, accurate -- life as we know it in "civilization" is completely artificial -- it's made up.  Real life is hunting and gathering and reproduction and survival.  That's the nature of the human animal.  When humans create a civilization, they make it up.  So either you are suffering derealization for some reason, or you're seeing clearly for some reason.  Philosophers and writers and filmmakers and other creative people often think like this.  It makes life difficult, but it doesn't make it a disease necessarily.  I have no idea which category you're in and don't know what kind of person you are or what you're going through right now that might have brought this on.  So it might be a disorder you want to do something about, or not.  
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Hi. Sorry you are having this issue.  I believe they call this derealization. Here's the psych definition: Derealization (DR) is a psychiatric condition in which a person’s perception of reality is altered in such a way that everything feels unfamiliar or unreal.  Here's an article on it: https://www.healthline.com/health/mental-health/derealization-anxiety-symptom-makes-reality-melt-away#5.  Do you have a therapist or anything like that?
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