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[please help] Feel high but i'm not, feel a weird feeling i cant explain

So 2 nights ago, i was sitting in bed looking at my phone. I was arguing with my friend and i was quiet angry, i was typing non-stop and it felt like my phone was getting further away from me and the letters were getting smaller. I eventually stopped and had to stand up. I felt so weird i just cant explain, i felt dizzy and couldnt really feel myself walking. I got a drink of water, went to bed, woke up the next morning fine. 7pm that night i felt slightly weird just not as bad. I can move around and act fine, it just feels like im not and feels so different. sometimes when i look at stuff i overthink it. I think i am not actually texting, but i am. It's just weird to explain. anway i went to sleep, woke up this morning fine. Drove to school, felt fine, went through one class, fine, second class was english. I was sitting there so bored working. Then it started again, nothing bad, just like it was last night but just enough for me to come onto this website to find help. I've been googling symptoms all day but i hate self-diagnosing. I just feel weird, when i do things it just doesnt feel like it does when i normally do them. Anyway, it's been 5 hours and i just drove home from school. In the car i felt fine like i normally am, then after 5mins of being home i felt weird again which is right as i am typing this. If anyone needs more info to help me figure it out just chuck a comment and i'll reply. Just feels like this will never end.
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Asking us is pretty similar to Googling symptoms, though -- we're not experts and even if we've experienced something similar it won't necessarily be anything akin to what's going on with you.  I've felt a lot of weird things in my life and usually just ignore them.  All kinds of things can cause odd feelings and sensations -- nutrient deficiencies, heat, vascular problems less serious than but similar to what happens with migraine sufferers, tilting your head at an odd angle as happens whenever you sit on your bed and look at your phone -- this is one of the greatest causes of neck pain, by the way -- blood sugar fluctuations.  So many things can be off for a bit in life.  When it happens over a period of days, though, who knows, maybe it is something.  A doctor would be the person to see, though all you're likely to get there is a pretty typical blood test, but it's something.  Having been on this Earth a whole lot longer than you have, a lot in life is just plain odd and without explanation.  Only thing I can think of is, when you go really angry working on your phone, did you happen to twist your neck quickly and awkwardly?  
honestly no idea haha didnt really move much just sat there pretty much flat, not moving arguing on my phone, and yeah i never really go to the doctors i just usually let stuff ride out but thought i'd try ask seeing i probably wont do anything else about it, just a really annoying feeling that i'd love to get rid of
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