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pounding heart and hard to breathe

my heart pounds, i get dizzy and light headed, feels like someone is sitting on my chest everytime i get mad or raise my voice
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Sounds like stress to me or panic, I have major panic and just before I cant breath, my heart pounds, this makes me breath faster, this then causes me to hyperventilate and I think I'm about to have a heart attack.
I was told that if I stop what I'm doing and just slow my breathing down and just listen to my breathing, it will go back to nornal, the hyperventilating is breathing very fast, like panting, it's too much oxegen in the blood and causes dizziness, tingling and a light headed feeling,  as you slow your breathing down the dizziness etc will go back to normal.
It would be easy for me to say don't get mad or raise your voice, but I know I couldn't do it.
Hope you get some help and it works for you.
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Hi! The same thing happens to me and I dont know what it is. I've had lots of test run and the doc says that Im seemingly healthy. But I cant understand why this is happening. I haven't talked to a therapist so I dont know if I truly have anxiety. Everyone around my keeps saying that is what it is. I suggest you take nursegirl6572 advice and see a doctor. The unknown makes things a whole not worse. As I am suffering severely from it right now. I hope you find the cause and start to get better as soon as possible.
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Have you been evaluated by a doctor?  If not, that should be your first step.  You need to first rule out a medical cause for your symptoms.  Once you do that, you can have a conversation with your doctor about addressing this as anxiety related.  You describe symptoms that are very typical of anxiety.
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