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red blotchy chest/neck rash

Just wondering if anyone has a 'miracle cure'!!  For a few years now, I've been getting a red blotchy chest/neck rash in circumstances where I - am drinking alcohol, anxious, nervous, excited, upset - really feeling just about any emotion.  It's gotten to the point where I do not expose my chest/neck ever - and cover up whenever I can.  I had read once that taking Niacinimide could help - and I've been taking about 1000mg of it for a few months, but am not seeing much improvement.  Anyone with any help or suggestions I would REALLY appreciate it.  
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OMG! Yes, like you folks, I have had this ever since I had to give my first book report in front of the class at school! HORRIBLE! Dating can suck too!! Ugh! Don't get me started! AND YES! It is just THIS that makes me self concious NOT the situation, Doctor! I have been there done that too! I was on many different anti-anxiety and anti-depression meds, niether of which helped except cost money and create a dependancy that is hard to ween yourself off of!

I have the triple whammy! I am, like many of you, very fair skinned (damn Irish blood) and have had both the full on facial blush and the RED HOT splotchy neck and chest rash too!! (really too separate issues, I found).

OK, so about two years ago I had the surgery to sever the 'sympathetic' nerves. Yeah, you have to go under and they deflate both your lungs and then snip snip the nerves on each side of your upper chest. Damn it hurt the evening after! I felt like a boxer did 10 rounds on each side of my rib cage!!

SO the result was good! Though it solved only one issue initially. The full face blush.

The red splotchy neck still can happen, however with much less frequency because there just isn't as much heat in my face to start the chain reaction.
ALSO THE ZONE DIET has REALLY helped! Cutting out a bunch of sugar. AND NO CAFFINE AT ALL! Balancing your hormones makes you fell awesome too! It takes some planning, but it's WAY WORTH IT!

I still get the tingle of the nervousness at times. Each day I also put a bit of tattoo cover up make up on my neck (because I am face to face with people in a professional enviornment all day). This helps me feel better than even if I did have a 'full blown' attack of neck splotchiness and heat, I would feel that it wouldn't be able to really be seen as much anyway....

I am 33 now and just feel like you have to do what works for you! I spent $6500 on the surgery-out of pocket! And I would do it again. Also, and added benefit was it stopped me from sweating from my face! Yay! My glasses don't fall off my face when I am working in the yard-better yet, I don't wipe my forehead over and over again at work!  If you have this; you know how it consumes your thoughts everyday-can make you dread every social event or interaction-hold you back from achieving your dreams-keep you locked inside your own head-from expressing your feelings-hiding from people-running into the bathroom to look and your neck and/or face and wait there until it goes away, if it ever does! IT"S AWFUL!!!

So all, I can say is do what you can and DON"T let it control YOU! Take charge of it! I don't like it! In fact I HATE it! But I accept that I have to be different and do some funny things to make me more comfortable and to help me try to live my life...

I will commit to you all now to continue to share anything I find, or use that will continue success for me and for us all. In fact, we all owe that to each other. Maybe we have a crazy gene or something...Maybe it means we are going to live to be 100++ Who knows! I just stopped accepting that I have to lock myself up and let this control my life!!
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its amazing how many people sturggle from this...but the doctors just ignore it!! sometimes i just imagine how my life would be if i didnt get the rash. i would feel like i could do anything!!

im moving to new zealand next year, which means changing school and im really nervous about this..i dont want to make a bad impression when meeting someone new and going all red!! that would suck...do you think beta blockers would help??

i also have my formal coming up which is very nerve-wracking! my solution for the rash on my chest is my hair! i have grown my hair quite long now which is great! so for you girls...grow your hair long! it almost completely covers the rash.

however not sure what to do about my face....sigh. ive read on here most people get the neck/chest rash, does anyone get blotchiness on their face?? the rash comes on my chest when im nervous but if something is really embarassing like a school talk *shudder* or something like that my whole face gets really really red and blotchy and people always comment. so just wondering if anyone gets it on their face?

anyway, would love to hear back from anyone!!
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I too am a blotcher and have been deaing with it for the last 7 years. I found a temporary fix with beta blockers; however, therapy should be incorporated as social anxiety is usually the root cause. I was previously taking 10mg and it did nothing. Recently, I upped the dose to 40mg on high stress days and haven't had any blotches. If you are not seeing results, talk to your family doctor about upping the dosage. I was in a wedding a couple of months ago  and even gave a toast bloch free! It has been a blessing to finally find something that helps. It controlled my life for so long and now I feel free again.

Talk to your family doctor before trying any recommendations. Mine has been very supportive and suggests that beta blockers are not harmful when taken appropriately. I do not take propranolol everyday, only on days when I know I may blotch.  Also, stay away from caffeine and make sure to exercise!!!

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Hello, I am yet another victim of the red blotchy chest/neck syndrome! I don't get it on my face which I'm thankful for but I do get really blushed when I'm embarrassed. I am in my 20's and have had it for a few years now. I'm not sure what caused it to start. That is my biggest concern is what the heck caused this! Cuz then maybe i could find the cure. I'm assuming its the anxiety since I do think I have that but am in denial about. I also hide it from alot of my close friends and family. I do think it would help me if I did just announce to everyone that this may happen and just ignore it please;) My sister gets it to so I can always talk to her about it. I just got it pretty bad last night at dinner w/my fiance' and kept it covered from him as best as I could. He may have seen it on my neck but he didn't say anything.I did let him know i get these blotches a while ago when we first started dating in case he saw them but i still feel embarrased even with him.Thats why I got on the computer today and started searching for a cure or something I could take to at least help it. I do feel like a freak, which I really don't think we should think that about ourselves. But it ***** having this and getting embarrassed when people see it. Its really depressing. Its like a viscious circle that you keep tring to beat but then you look in the mirror and there it is all over you neck and chest! I get it in the social events; going to dinner, class presentations, even sitting in my chair if theres a chance the teacher might call on me ughh! I also get it while I'm eating which is weird to me cuz I may be home alone. I also have long hair on purpose, it is my best defense. A tan works great to but as soon as it starts to fade..watch out. I'm so relieved to have found all of these testimonies that confirm I am not alone. I really do feel everyones pain too. I think I'm going to try the beta blockers first since a few of you have had that work. I would like to take the more natural route though so I am going to keep searching for cures. I can't believe how many doctors don't really know what to do about it. Thats aggravating! Well thanks again to everyone whos dealing with this nasty nasty problem and tring to help others and good luck!!
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i get this rash too! it's terrible, i can't wear pretty dresses anymore because as soon as i talk to someone or drink wine it flares up - bright red on my chest, neck and sometimes top of my back and arms.
It was better when i was taking nadalol - beta blocker. but i don't want to be on beta blockers forever and the doc said they can cause diabetes if you take them for a long time.
Does anyone else get it when they eat? i usually get it when i eat a meal, but sometimes when i think i have it i look down and it isn't there!! it doesn't make any sense why i get it sometimes and not others! It makes me not want to go out for meals because i look and feel so burning hot!
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I get this too and Its put me off goin out for meals but i even get it in my own home too .I think i also get it from sittin in the car too because i feel a bit clastrapobic so i think it could be something along these lines but if u get it on your own at home when eating maybe there isn't a reason why we get it and that's why i am so pissed i can't find a concrete reason why i suffer from this rash that has ruin my life .Somethimes i think only if i didn't have this i would do so much more with my life and then i feel depressed that i feel like i am a fake and make decision based on my rash and not on what i want to do like,get married ..i can't wear a wedding dress that hides the rash.Wearing nice tops,puting my hair up,wearing no make up.Eating out,being a brides maid ,I turned that one down and it didn't go down very well.I even won't work because i can't wear what tops i want, my list is endless .I really do need help don't i?
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