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red blotchy chest/neck rash

Just wondering if anyone has a 'miracle cure'!!  For a few years now, I've been getting a red blotchy chest/neck rash in circumstances where I - am drinking alcohol, anxious, nervous, excited, upset - really feeling just about any emotion.  It's gotten to the point where I do not expose my chest/neck ever - and cover up whenever I can.  I had read once that taking Niacinimide could help - and I've been taking about 1000mg of it for a few months, but am not seeing much improvement.  Anyone with any help or suggestions I would REALLY appreciate it.  
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i am 16 years old and male and for the past 5 years ive always had a red complexion which my dermatologist said was keratosis pilarsis. but starting from last year i have been getting red blotches running down my face to my neck to my chest which adds to the redness on my cheeks and also on my body. my dermatologist reccomended me to have laser surgery which i went for a consultation and found it was very expensive so he then arranged an appoinment with a camouflage cream specilist. it did cover up the redness however being a male i do not want to apply it on everyday. so i am just wondering would beta blockers be suitable for me? being my age and would it help stop the red flushing as i have noticed alchol does trigger it and also nerves which seems to be getting worse as i am always thinkning whether the rash will appear or not thanks.
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I am a female and have dealt with this personally for a long time.  I believe in the most natural route possible.  The rash used to be so bad that I got deep red blotches on my chest on the way to work.  The combo that has worked best for me is no caffeine or chocolate on days that I am social, 3 pharmaceutical fish oil pills in the morning, 200 mg high quality magnesium twice daily, and one 300mg kira st john's wort in the morning.  My rash has become almost obsolete for day to day socializing. If I have a "performance" situation - i.e. interview, doctors' appt, or terribly stress provoking situation, I take 1/4 to 1/2 of a gaba relaxer by country life about 1.5 hours prior (the 1/2 makes me too drowsy in the morning with the other items - but I can handle it in the afternoon).  If you take the gaba relaxer, try it at home first.  There is a wonderful website called "doctor yourself" which covers nutritional deficits that probably most everyone on this board has.  Other things I take which may help more than I know include my women's multivitamin, and high doses of vitamin c (vitamin c counteracts adrenaline, which causes the rash).  Do your research on medication/supplement interactions before you take the advice of anyone on this board (ie fish oil thins the blood).  I have researched this like crazy and am happy that I don't have to go on beta blockers. Diet is huge too - high sugar diets encourage much more adrenaline release.    I have become much more social due to these supplements and this stupid problem is no longer in the forefront of my mind!  It actually has become a blessing in disguise due to how I've cleaned up my diet and become a healthier person.  I came across this out of curiousity of whether fish oil had helped anyone else's rash.  By the way, I've tried just the plain gaba and niacinamide and this other combo has worked for me far better.
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this could be a dumb question, but could this rash we get be a kind of hives?
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Hi everyone!I too have suffered from this since the age of twelve but it only really got worse since working fulltime and having too deal with new people now it just happens all the time even though i don t work ,I am a fulltime mum and because i only see fammillar people who come to see me in my own home ,I still get it ........?I am really pissed off and LOL i am addicted to highneck tops and make up.These help me to get through the day if i wear these it is less on my mind and therefore it rearly makes it way up to the face area but still on chess and neck.I have tried cbt didn t work.I wear truecover makeup everyday and maxfactor  powder on top and this is workin for me i use a darker shade than my skin colour so the redness is less noticeable.But Now i have found out about these tanning injections that make you tan and i am goin to try this as i know someone who is takin these and she looks like she been away on holiday .I know this would not stop the rash but it would darkin my skin and mybe i won t have to wear so much make up and i always feel great with a tan .So am i mad to try this?before i order has anyone tried this for this purpose?
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Ok, my rash also appears in most situations where I am interacting with someone I am not particularly close to. I don't get it with partner or family but pretty much anyone else and its worse when its at the forefront of my mind because I am already uncomfortable and distracted from the situation, which causes the anxiety.

I don't see old friends much because one pointed it out once and I can't face them knowing that it will always appear now. I have only told one friend and I don't get it with her now because I don't care if she sees it (strange ha?) I think we worry that we will lose people we care about because its so 'weird'. But would you stop seeing someone if they told you they are anxious all the time? No. If they do stop seeing you, they aren't worth your time anyway.

I have been on inderal 10mg once a day for about half a year, it hasn't helped at all. I don't know if a higher dosage will help. I also take fish oil and multi-v.

Covering up seems to be the only thing that makes me comfortable enough to forget about it, but summer is going to prove difficult. When I drink it flares up of course, but its not from the alcohol itself, its from the adrenaline caused by the alcohol.

I have noticed that most of us have some sort of work or school position that stresses us out at times, and it has only occured since a stressor has set it off. For me - leaving home and starting my life, for some - a baby, for others - a million dollar deal. I am a graphic designer and talk to clients all the time. I button my work shirt up to the top every day and I'm sure my boss wonders why.

I also developed a problem where I feel anxious when I eat and I started getting this rash when that first happened. I don't like to eat a lot particularly out of the house because I think I feel sick and nauseous, even though I know its all in my head. I love food and hate this problem with a passion. These things combined are ruining my life, and I still put myself in uncomfortable situations because I dont want to ruin my partner's life as well.

I think the only cure is to tell everyone. Then you wont care if they see. But actually doing that is very difficult indeed.
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I have the same promblems as you:(:( .I have told lots of people and it has not helped ,I am more paronoid now ,not around close family but everyone else because i think there looking at my neck or avoid looking at me because they want to see this rash and this makes me feel like a freak .Now because of that and orther reasons ,i try to hide behind polonecks etc now this is makin me paronid because i think they all know why i wear these tops and i think they are sayin "she is always in those kind of tops because of her red blochy rash ".I won't do lots of things because ot it and i wish i didn t say it to most people because i feel infearior to them and some people like to tell u when u already know which i think it makes them better than me cause they see me as weaker than them .I hated work because of these reasons and feel sick when i think of the day i have to return back to work......it is ruinning my life and some people will say thats stupid .........all because of a rash that comes and gos whenever it whats to ...Thinkin of you all.........B
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