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scalp picking

Recently i have started obbsessively picking at my scalp until it bleeds. I then proceed to pick again once a scab has formed. Its very painful for me, especially when brushing and washing my hair and the scabs are starting to show on my scalp too. Does anybody have this or no how i can stop please? xx
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You better be carefull with that. You can develop a serious infection. I developed Cellulitis a few years ago due to scratching a scab. It wasn't fun dealing with that infection believe me.
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how did you stop picking? Ive had cellulitus before and no how painful it can be.
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I didn't stop. I actually enjoy it if that sounds weird. I don't pick as much as I use to since I developed the cellulitis. That was scary. I thought I was going to lose my leg.

I still have the habit. Been that way for as long as I remember. My parents use to yell at me for doing it. I notice many people with the same habit.

This may sound gross but I knew a guy that use to pick his nose and put it in his mouth. I once confronted him on it and he had no idea he was doing it. Weird stuff.
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I had the same problem,but what i think the problem is P.H of your scalp is unbalanced.....when i started picking it was around puberty. i graduated cosmetology school. Get head and shoudlers shampoo let it sit on your scalp 3-5 mins you might feel slight tingle its the pyrithione zinc working !!!!!! Totally helps
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I have scratched and picked my scalp for about fifteen years. It started with a spot on my scalp that may have been normal dandruff, or it may have been fungal. Who knows, but it's been a long road since. It has always flaked and when I would scratch, tons of dandruff came off. Over the years, the size of the spot has gotten bigger and bigger and obsessive scratching has taken over my life. To me, I've always scratched until dandruff stopped falling. I felt better once it was all off of me, so to speak. Of course, guilt and shame often followed. My skin would be sore and I'd still feel dirty for doing it.

I had tried all the regular shampoos. Head and Shoulders, coal tar, Selson Blue. Nothing worked. I realized most of the problem was behavioral and even tried using a scalp massager whenever I got the urge to scratch. But, itching would always drive me nuts after a couple of days. I am prone to eczema on my torso and even tried Mometasone Furoate Rx cream on it. But I only did a couple days treatment and quit.

I went to a dermatologist and she gave me a sample of Ketaconazole foam. That didn't work. Recently, the spots on my scalp spread to the other side of my head and I really began to feel despair. Something needed to be done.

Recently, I had my eczema cream refilled for my torso rash. I also splurged on the expensive Nizoral Ketoconazole shampoo in the store. I shaved my head and started using the shampoo once a day and the cream twice daily.

I almost cry because it seems to be clearing up. And it doesn't itch anymore and the positive feelings have made me not want to scratch at it and just leave it be.  For the first time in fifteen years, I feel like I'm finally winning this battle.

So, I realize this cure may not work for everyone. But, especially if you are prone to eczema, I urge you to try it. Prescription Mometasone Furoate cream  to treat it as eczema and Nizoral Ketoconazole shampoo to treat it as fungal.
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