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scared to go to sleep

hi, im 13 years old and ive had problems with sleeping. ill start out at the beginning: I've always had a few problems going to sleep and waking up in the night, i went to therapy when i was 10 but it was so much money (£200-£300 per 30 minute session) i had to stop as it was working anyway. I've slept okay with with the one off bad night until the past few months. At first it just took me longer to get to sleep which i was fine with. However, my friend showed me horror movie scene (from annabelle) and i tried not to look as im generally scared of a lot of things but i saw some and i am terrified. Its all i can think of, i dont think the monster will attack me but i just imagine it everywhere. After i saw the clip going to sleep became a lot harder and it took me over an hour every night to go to sleep. Over the last 3 weeks I've had the worst time of my life. i go to sleep fine but i wake up in the night, usually only once but i lie awake for over 2 hours. From the moment i wake up i go into full panic attack mode and have a huge panic attack. i want to go and be with my parents but i feel paralysed and are terrified to move. im in bed now with all my lights on and its 11, im scared to go to sleep because i dont want to wake up, i will not go to sleep because im so scared I've been depressed and worried about everything. Someone please help me i get tears in my eyes every time i think about sleeping. Sorry this is so long but i really need help.
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I understand about the scary movie. When I was little my grandfather monitored the TV viewing to 3 programs per week. There are a lot of disturbing things on TV. Even watching the news can get under your skin & you may not even be aware of it.
  Make sure you get plenty of exercise to physically tire you out.
   Practice calming yourself. Starting at your head all the way to your toes. Name each body part and reassure it's safety. Do this exercise every night. Especially when you wake up frightened.
  Learn how to self talk. Tell yourself you are in a safe place. Think of a happy memory like a picnic or nice vacation where you had a fun time.
  Concentrate on these memories thus blocking out other thoughts.
   Always remember, you are in control. Sleep is a miracle. It rejuvenates our bodies and our mind. You will be ok. Maxy
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As an adult, sometimes things I've seen in movies have freaked me out too! So you're in good company. Alien, The Zodiac, and The Omen are a few movies that come to mind (and that you might want to avoid!). It's hard to "unsee" something you've seen. What I have always done is reminded myself that what I saw isn't real. It didn't really happen. It was people acting, and perhaps some realistic visual effects thrown in. Try reminding yourself of that. It wasn't real. Are you able to talk with your mom and/or dad about this?
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