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sternocleidomastoid muscle swollen

I have an impacted wisdom tooth on my lower right side of my mouth. I recently have been sick with a sore throat, had a slight gum infection and been told that my tooth is impacted and needs to come out soon. My ear on the right has been closed and hurts sometimes. When I eat my jaw hurts sometimes as well and my right check is slightly swollen. I recently noticed swelling in my sternocleidomastoid muscle and I am not sure if that is linked to my wisdom tooth. I've noticed everything that's been happening has been happening on the side of my wisdom tooth impaction. I am going to dentist tomorrow to talk to him about getting my wisdom teeth out. I am having so much anxiety about my health right now. I am a hypochondriac so this is not helping. I keep feeling my neck and trying to figure out what's going on. I'm scared.
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Hi, I know this is over two years later but I'm just getting the same exact symptoms now and I am getting concerned as you were. How did it wind up working out?
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Hi, I had something similar to this too. Did you ever get your issue(s) solved??
2 year old thread so they are gone. See your dentist because whatever their problem was has nothing to do with yours.
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