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For the past 2 weeks i have had trouble sleeping and muscle aches and pains in my neck and back. I went to the doctor last friday and she told me I was in the first week of a sinus infection and my tonsils were swollen so that made me understand why I would always wonder why I could not breathe right when I was trying to lay down for sleep so all i would do was be fearful and think the worst and my heart would start racing. I have somewhat gotten better with that but I am still sick but what really scared me tonight was I was getting out of my bathtub and pulled my chest in too hard raising my body out with my upper body and it was super painful and now its not severe but feels really heavy this scares me :( should i get an x-ray if it doesnt feel good tomorrow?
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Hi brimckinley, here is my opininon, i really dont want to say what i do or what my profession is i hope you understand but i do know some stuff about medical issues, sounds to me like you pulled yourself too hard out of the tub and caused possibly some strain/stress to your chest muscles, if you press on your chest where you injured it and its sensitive then its probably all it is, usually heart problems if thats what you were thinking is the problem will not hurt if you put pressure on it, i have suffered from from all kinds of ailmenst due to anxiety and panic attacks that lead me to think i was having heart attacks, brain aneurysms etc. had all kinds of cardio work ups and everything was always normal, now of course if you feel that there is more than just a little pain then of course get a chest x-ray or ask your doctor about what you should do, i recommened that you write down every question you want answered before going, believe me i've been to see so many doctors i got good at it, you'll be surprised how many doctors would do as you say, i worked around doctors and most of them know that the best person that knows whats wrong with the patient is the patient themselves, if anything it will at least bring peace of mind if there's nothing wrong., oh one more thing i don't how your doctor is but sometimes you can call your doctors office and ask to speak with the nurse and ask them to relay the message regarding your issues to your doctor and sometimes youll get free advice from the doctor or maybe even get a prescription called in or even get a consult for an x-ray at another place if for some reason they dont have x-ray machine in their office, this would save you another doctor visit and of course $$$$$ Hope i helped :)
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Thanks Micheally !, I stretched some before I laid down and took some Aleve before I went to bed last night and this morning it was just fine. I guess you were right it might have been I pulled the muscle in my chest my aunt said the same thing shes a nurse. My doctor said the sinus infection/virus I have may be causing terrible aches and pain in my neck and head. I really dont know what I should take so I have been taking zyrterc and Mucinex; which is helping somewhat. I am just concerned as to why my back and spine keeps clicking everytime I rise up from bed laying down using my head basically to sit up. It must be stress. My mom says I just need a massage lol; but all things considered I feel fine and I have no reason to complain. Let go and Let God !
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Great-- Yes sometimes we just have to let God take over the driver seat, he constructed our bodies and alot of the times it will heal on its own if we just let go and trust Him.
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