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this forum fell apart?

is it just me or sense me and JSGeare left is this forum completely dead?  i don't see near as many post or responses as it use to be..
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i posted a similar thing, its weird its just not the same anymore, there are so many un-answered posts which i cant help with cause i know nothing about certain things. i dont know wether the others have got better and dont need it anymore? it just seems lonely on medhelp
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I am not really sure what you all mean by falling apart?  You will see some members come and go and some will take a 'break' for awhile.  I know that this is still one of the busiest, if not the busiest, forum in all of MedHelp.  I tend to disagree that so many posts go unanswered; remember that a lot of what goes on here is private messaging.  I know, to include myself, sometimes spend the majority of time answering emails and sometimes directly answer posts through those means.

Scaredjo:  I know people answer your posts almost immediately and comprehensively when I go back and read the archives, so I am not really sure what you mean about 'lonely.'

Both of you are and have been continuing to be such supportive members here in this forum and I encourage to keep doing so...the 'main players' in the forum will change over time, but I have actually seen this grow over the past year I have been here.  While it is true that some of the people I used to confide in on a daily basis are not as active here, I have become more involved in new members.  As with any group, you will see change with some people taking a more permanent roll, others coming and going, and still others leaving.

So I encourage you to keep on participating and bringing your thoughts, advice, and experiences to this forum.  Both of you are an integral part of this community and I look foward to many months ahead with the both of you!!!

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im always here to help..
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Thanks!  I am very greatful that you have become so active here!  Keep on doing good things!
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i didnt mean i feel lonely, i know everyone on medhelp is wonderful with me and i really appreciate it, i was meaning i bet the forum feels lonely haha cause its used to being so busy and having loads of friends
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I kinda understand.  I have not been on for awhile but I really miss JSGeare.  He is so wonderful to talk to....a sense of humor (which is always very much needed) and so well spoken and knowledgeable.  I miss his answers to people and I miss him.

I have been much better lately but once in awhile I still struggle with this darn anxiety.  I guess this can happen , but I am really too old for this "****"

Get back on here...JSGeare!!!!!!!!!    WE MISS YOU....Nana
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Yeah..I know it can be a bummer when people leave the forum...especially if they are so very involved!  But I look at it as a challlange for new people to take the torch....you all are integrel members of this forum and you continue to a wonderful job here....keep it up!
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Sure Ryan's back from the dead again, everything will be fine once more. LOL. I still look over, but see others answering posts and feel there is no need to add anything else to that thread. Other than that I do a lot of answering in private messages.
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If Im not around its mainly because sometimes I feel I get SOOO caught up and consumed in my anxiety and worry when reading posts and hanging around the anxiety forum... and I just want to forget about it for awhile, take a break from it all, all the worrying just for a little bit, then I come back to see how people are and help if I can.
I love this forum because there are a bunch of caring people, who are very empathic and can relate to what your going through and they always try to help in the best way they know how, it makes you feel not so alone..it feels like one big family, and if people leave..im hoping its because they got better, otherwise it's their loss.  
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   I suppose some are on other support groups also.
   One thing I've noticed about medhelp is that there are a lot of areas and posters!
   Who's the originator of this forum? Did you consult Dr. House?  :  )
   He keeps calling everyone "morons", but the Vicodin addict is the true moron! Kind of a cool moron though...

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I have to say that this place was the reason that i bettered myself...But things change..people change..And just like me forget about that ppl that helped us out the most. If it  wasn't for some of the wonderful ppl on this site I wouldn't  have had the strength to get up off my butt and better myself..Its kindab nice  to see the website slow down, that means less people are letting the anxiety control them...but I am back  to help if anybody needs it
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