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this is getting annoying!

hey, ok basically i have wittled down my problems to on mistake about 2 months ago. Not sure how this forum reacts to drug use but i really want some support.

i smoked weed a lot for the past year. Had no problems or anything untill about 2 months ago. smoked very early in the morning but all of a sudden my head felt like it was filling up. i felt really stressed and head was working over time thinking about things. i think a panic/anxiety attack. i started repeating in my head everything anyone said even music and t.v. making every situation very stressful and uncomfortable. as its such an easy thing to rememeber i keep triggering my self into large anxiety thoughts.

when i latched onto the thoughts i got my self really worked up into a big thought that i was going crazy or something. i confessed everything to my mum and feel so much better because of it. but now when ever concentrate on one voice i like in a lecture at uni i constantly fight my own head trying to stop repeating there voice.

it did get to the stage where i had incredibly vivid dreams but have got over them and sleeping better now. i think ;)

not sure really how to go about forgetting all this and really not sure i can. i used the 'stop' method to stop my looping thoughts but still reminds me of the repeating hearing problem

sorry so long. any help will be very grateful

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It could be a bit of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) that you are feeling along with anxiety. Perhaps your doctor can Rx you a mild medication that will help. Good luck!
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i stopped all the drugs a while ago. and yes talking to people on drug related forums about my problem they all say is the weed. i have also considered that i have a mild bit of ocd im always the one out my mates to be assed to clear up and definably prefer space to be clutter free but not to the extent that i worry about it.

i have spoke to my mum about seeking medication, but they are in the business of selling drugs. and not sure where a good mental health docter is, from my mums experience there all pretty crap. im trying to cure it all myself without relying on drugs. an when i dont think about it i do stay happy. but recently i have defiantly noticed my thought pattern being very random at times and looping.
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smoking weed can cause all sorts of problems,paranoia,anxiety,panic attacks,loss of memory and all other things,this is probably what has caused all your symptoms and because it has scared you you are stressing about it.Have you been to the doctors about getting help with the drugs,i know you said you have stopped but you probably need a bit of help with itas your body with be detoxing.
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oh and i forgot to mention, since this 'attack' i have stopped all drugs completely. my normal smoking has increased but am trying to slow it now as i have calmed my thought pattern.
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