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throat (palate) spasms

I'm curious if anyone had throat spasms but not down the throat, mine are felt between the nasal cavity and the soft palate. I tried to look with a mirror on the soft palate but couldn't see it twitching. The spasm are felt like a tightening contractions above the palate in the mouth. It lasts for a few hours and then stops for a few hours and it goes like that for two weeks after a very stressful and full of anxiety time I had recently. I've been last yeat to doctors with so many physical symptoms that ended up being anxiey/stress related so I don't want to keep doing it with every new symptom but this one is very strange and scary and I've never had it in 20 years of suffering with anxieties.

Please tell me if you've ever experienced it and then it might actually be related to anxiety and how long it lasted or what helped to resolve it.
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Did you ever get this resolved?
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I have it right now, did it ever resolve or did you figure out what was causing the spasms?
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Even a doctor can't diagnose you from here, so you need to see your doctor if it is a problem.
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