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weird adrenalin rush in head

so i suffer anxiety and recently i have been suffering more than ever, i never get full blown attacks but i get weird sensations in my body all the time that freak me out where i want to take all my clothes off and run.
For years I've been getting this weird sensation in my head which i can only describe as adrenalin?
It's like a rush goes up my body to my brain which wacks me of kilter, i cant' describe it properly but it freaks me out, does anyone else get this?
some times i get brain snaps as well, which are weird, where i'll be falling asleep then i'll hear a massive gun shot and all this colour will flow into my eyes, but this weird brain thing is happening more and more, it's like i've drunk to much coffee ... it's that shaky nervous feeling ... any help?
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I know the feeling of just wanting to run. I've actually done that many times during a panic attack. It seems to kelp with the extra adrenalin.
Do you get dizzy when you have this weird head feeling? Alot of us that have anxiety have what your describing. Of course it's best to check with your Dr when you have any kind of strange symptom. I've also heard that gun shot sound when falling asleep. It's so scary!
Are you seeing a Dr right now? Are you taking any meds to help with your anxiety?  Remar
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I get weird sensations in my nervous system and its very unpleasant like I want to escape my body.  I think mine is cause from adrenaline too, I think it might be stress related or it might be agitation, its very uncomfortable when my body gets this way and I cant think or function at all. I just try to reduce stress, exercise and eat well, and it usually gets better in a day or so.
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I get something similar where I feel surges of adrenaline for no real reason. It's much worse at night - often just as i'm about to doze off, I get a jolt that wakes me up - like my body is trying to prevent me from sleeping.  I think it recognizes the adrenaline as a symptom of me being in a situation of danger and tries to keep me alert until the danger subsides. The fight or flight response from our ancestors.  However, I can go for days like this with very little sleep - it's torture. Worse, when I get the adrenaline rush, my BP goes way up and i get hot flushes particularly on arms and legs.

I'm looking for anything that will help alleviate the adrenaline but doctors just tell me its anxiety and i need to relax - easy for them to say.
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This happened to me recently when I was driving... scared me so much :( Just my whole body a sudden rush / Vibrations going through it :( Scary Stuff. And then my vision went for a few seconds, it was horrid. My life literally flashed before me. Is this a panic attack or whats goin on
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