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why do i have anxiety and nausea everyday for the past week?

some days I wake up feeling normal and hungry so I eat then start to feel nauseous for no reason and causing me to think imp sick but then it goes away and I get hungry again. I haven't gone a normal #2 in acouple days like ive gone but like it wasn't diarrhea it was solid just not a lot. I don't feel like my normal self and I try so hard to be but this has gotten to the point where I left school early because I didn't know if I was sick or not. This scares me because I also have a fear of people throwing up me seeing someone throw up haunts me for a while haring someone makes me automatically plug my ears. Some days I wake up a little nauseous and some night I wake up at like 5 in the morning and cant go back to sleep on my spring break I woke up at 2 am most morning but was able to go back to sleep pretty easily idk if im in bad condition and should see a doctor I try talking to my mom but she just says your gonna be fine im honestly worried rn. This has worried me a lot that ive cried about me wanting to be a different person and not wanting to be myself because I hate this feeling I just want to be normal does anyone might know anything I have and how to cure it because this has lasted about a week or so now and I WANT IT TO GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
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They can be 2 separate unrelated issues. But if you feel nausea it is natural to feel anxious or depressed so it can be a chicken egg thing too. Your claims about your bowel movements not being normal may be incorrect, so you have to see a doctor to discuss this. It is abnormal to have a fear of people throwing up on you, so talk to your school counselor about it because you may be focusing on things that are best avoided.
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Did you start taking a new multivitamin before this started?  Any new eating habits?  Eating closer in time to when you go to bed?
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This rings of a gi issue to me especially when you speak of having trouble having bowel movements as of late.  Stomach issues can go hand in hand with anxiety but I'd go from the gi angle first.  Try some grape juice.  My son with major gi issues and constipation was told in the ER to drink one cup of grape juice daily.  It helps keep him 'regular'.  He also takes a probiotic. These two things have greatly helped with his gi issues.  If it doesn't get better, see your doctor.
I would only say, maybe eat grapes.  While I love me some grape juice, it's really high in sugar and most forms of it if you're not juicing it yourself have the fiber all drained out of it.  You can buy concentrated dark grape juice but most people don't know about that.  And you know, it doesn't taste all that good, but if constipation is the culprit, prune juice is much more effective.  But whole food is always a better choice than juice unless, again, you're juicing it yourself with a juicer that doesn't get rid of all the pulp.  Again, I'm a grape juice lover, have a glass every day with dinner, I use a concentrate mixed with water, but I'd still be better off eating the grapes.  All the best to all.
Grape juice came from two emergency doctors making recommendations to get my son regular.  It has.  If you have suffered debilitating constipation to the point that your feces was so locked into your bowel it was acting as a true blockage and wound up in the hospital from it, you'd drink grape juice if they recommended it.  And it has worked! It helps.  My son has always eaten tons of fruit including grapes since he was tiny.  His digestive tract is slow which is common for those with his neurological delay and his GI doc has him going without laxatives or enemas with probiotics, his diet and that yummy grape juice.  :>)  
Due to medication, I live with this issue every dang day.  Anyone who has constipation issues knows it is very difficult to live with...and can lead to a blockage most definitely.  I have been looking for a more natural approach rather than the vegetable laxative I take, so I'll give the grape juice a try! (yes I'm old enough to of known that, it just never occurred to me).  If that doesn't work, I will try the prune (which doesn't thrill me, but if it works, then I will simply think of it as a medicinal treatment, as I've had to drink worse! (think Barium. lol).    
Laxatives are like so many of the drugs we are given that work short-term but are harmful long-term.  What you all might try is varying the food you're eating.  Everyone knows about more fiber, but beneficial fats such as fish oil can also be helpful as they help lubricate the system.  But many people don't know about digestive enzymes, which is a way to help your body do what it isn't doing.  Medication caused constipation is a tougher nut than other forms, and while it's harder to deal with than other forms where changing diet and exercise and the like usually works, it isn't impossible to treat.  I got it from taking imipramine -- this is a common side effect of tricyclic antidepressants -- and solved the problem by using gentler natural remedies and doing sit-ups before bed.  This loosened up that area of the body and really did help.  It often takes a mix of things.  But laxatives, whether natural or drug, eventually weaken the muscles that allow us to go, so you don't want to use them long-term if you can help it.  There are a lot of foods that can really help -- beets, prunes (I hate them, so I don't use them, but they do work), bran are just some.  Many fruits are high in fiber, but go easy on then -- the high sugar content will cause other problems if you go overboard.  You can't always make this work, but if it does, you can avoid the laxatives, so it's at least worth a try.  It worked for me, and worked for Mom's son.  It can happen.  And as I say, I love me some grape juice!  Doesn't help any with that problem but I do love it.  Funny, when I switched to ssris from the tricyclics, I got the other problem -- loose stools.  Sometimes you just can't win when you resort to medication.
Thanks for the additional info, Paxiled.  I became interested in what both you and Specialmom had to say because I've been taking Senna Plus for Years.  I usually try to skip a day, however, I'm sure that does little to help the damage already done.

Except dinner, our breakfast and lunch varies little.  I knew this wasn't a good thing, but it does help seeing someone else say it.  We'll work on that.  

I was interest, too, for my husband who was left a Paraplegic after a horrific care accident 4yrs ago.  He was trained in rehab to use the Digital Stimulation method for his bowel care.  I worry not all the stool is being released and he's going to end up with a blockage at some point.  

An xray several yrs ago showed stool high up in his colon.  Even with a daily stool softener (he cannot take more than 1 per day, as any more than that creates too much of a mess), he doesn't pass what *I* think is the equivalent of what he eats (which is way less than before the accident; he works hard to maintain his weight so it's easier to lift himself when transferring).  

He tells me he is active enough that his food is absorbed and this is why he generally passes so little.  I would say every 3rd day he passes enough to satisfy my mind although approximately once a month, he passes nothing.  Would his theory that his food is being absorbed due to exercise be correct?    

To close, we'll both work on changing up our diet better, and of course, try the grape juice which is on tomorrow's grocery list!  
No, he's not correct.  It doesn't work that way.  When you eat, the body separates out the nutrients it determines it needs and sends them where they need to go.  What it doesn't need or is harmful it either stores somewhere (like the liver) but mostly evacuates it.  That's why we defecate -- to get rid of waste.  But different people do have different patterns and it doesn't necessarily mean anything is wrong.  My brother, for example, goes a lot less often than I do.  Always was that way.  Different things also affect it -- the more you exercise, it should make it easier to go.  The more you eat, the more you should have to go -- and when you binge like at Thanksgiving, you should expect to evacuate more.  You can eat very beneficial nutrients but if the body can't use them, it will evacuate them.  The body also uses enzymes to break down necessary substances so the used stuff can be evacuated -- the body prefers fresh.  For you, taking senna plus every day was a mistake, and I'm hoping it says that on the label.  You never  encourage using a laxative on a regular basis.  I don't know that product, but I managed health food stores for many years and every natural laxative has that warning on it -- if you need it for more than a certain period, see your doctor.  That's the reason for that warning.  Some people do this as a form of bulemia.  If you're chronically constipated, you want to find out why and deal with it by changing things you're doing if that will help.  Your husband may have a different problem -- my Mom was paralyzed from the waist down from cancer and so I've seen how hard it makes life.  If medication causes that bad of a problem I'd think your doc would have tried to switch meds, if it was a med you had to take on a regular basis and there were alternatives out there.  Sometimes meds are given for things that can be fixed without them as well, that's always something to look into.  As for the grape juice, make sure it's the concentrate without sugar, and I'd recommend, if you can afford it, to always use organic when you drink juice or juice for yourself.  Don't buy any with added sugar or preservatives.  I say that because when you juice you use a lot more fruit than you would be able to eat, so it's a lot and it means a lot more of the toxic chemicals put on them in conventional farming.  A risk not worth taking if you can afford organic.  But more important for regular eating, because juice is very high in sugar and grape juice particularly high, is to eat food that is easier for the body to break down.  Meat is very hard for the body to break down.  Dairy can be a problem, so if you must have it, use it fermented or cultured.  Foods high in fiber are easier, such as legumes.  And only use dark grape juice, not white -- the white isn't as high in antioxidants (the only reason I know of that make grapes especially nutritious) and has even more sugar.  Fermented and cultured foods provide the food your digestive organisms need to survive, so they are also very good for digestion.  All the best.  
Hey Paxiled...I read your post carefully.  Some I knew, some I didn't.  I have passed along what you said to my husband.  And, yes, I read the label on the Senna Plus a long time ago. :)  

What I didn't mention...and what I believe is aggravating the issue right now...is the hernia that's needs repair, asap.  The mesh that was used to repair the First hernia I got in Oct 2016, has failed.  This will make my 3rd abdominal surgery in 3 yrs.  All that hasn't helped things as you can imagine.  I'm hopeful that after recovery, things will get better.  

Anyway, thanks very much for your informative post!  

And thanks to specialmom for sharing about your son and the grape juice!  I did buy some (Organic), and have been drinking 2 small glasses a day (I love red grapes and eat those when available), but I think it's going to take some more experimentation (prunes most likely) for a more natural result to break through the medication.  


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