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worried so so worried

Hi Everyone

I am a big worrier and I have never been like this before but to put it fair
I am put my self at risk for "HIV" I am going for tests at required times but I am more concerned about the tests and having to live with it.

I am making myself even more ill I Think

Can not stop thinking about it, wake up and its on my mind and can not think of anything else.

Could someone please help me to make my self at ease or or not to think about it.

The symptoms I do have are the following

fast heart beats
heavy breaving
chest infection
ear infection
head aques
feeling sick
tiredness in legs
feeling tired and having to rest more

Its been 3.5 weeks since the possible infection for HIV
but cant stop thinking about it.
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Calm down.I can assure you that there are lots of people here that have been through the same.Keep in mind that the chance of getting hiv are very low! And in this site I think thr 99% of peple who say that they have been experience acute hiv illness turn out to be negative.Maby it would help if you give some more information like what your risk was or why do you think that the other person have been infected with hiv.In any case try to calm down...I totally get what you are going through...
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Try and stay calm.
I know what you are going through as i am in the exact same position as you. I had a 4th generation test at 4 week 1 day and another at 6 week 3 day. Both negative. But i still cant stop panacking and worrying ive been put bk on meds for aniexty as its took over my life. Maybe best to speak to someone. X
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thanks everyone
I have been for a test at the 4 week mark and awaiting the 4 week mark

but I am losing weight rapidly
2.5kg in 10 days

cant get it off my mind

I not been able to go to empty by bowls for last few days as nothing there, think my body is eating the food,

still eating 75% of my food but trying eating more,
and so far trying to eat between smaller meals. see if this helps or not, maybe I need to over eat for couple days to trick my body into thinking its got to much food,

Whatever the result, life goes on
I will make a lot of changes in my life,
like job, not going on as many holidays etc.
Just enjoy life in a whole new way.

get a 9-5 job instead of shifts

I will let you know by Thursday when I will find out if I am or not.

If I get a phone call with blocked number, I am going to dread answering it. but I will.

anyway whatever happens going on holiday for 6 weeks in 10 days time
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Just an update I not been to the toilet for 3 days
The body is not producing stools
I have had wee's
lost 2.5 kg in weight (10) days

People have said the weight loss could be due to being stressed etc
but not able to go to toilet or building anything up

anyone else been through this?
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Hi everyone

since this morning I have gained 3.6kg in weight

becuase I got some news that the 28 day blood test was fine.

so little less worried i know have to wait for 12 weeks but made me think I have been really lucky this time.

from now on no sex when I had a drink
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Glad to hear it!

Now, do whatever you can to get yourself reengaged with life...stay distracted so you aren't thinking about HIV anymore.  You can take your test results to the bank!

Your bodily functions will eventually readjust once the anxiety level is diminishing.  
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yer thanks for that

I got a holiday in 9 days time, so going to look forward to it once again.

Just hope it is as good as I been reading about.

Anxitey, is a problem I never thought off until the past 4 weeks, ok I have been stressed before but not to this level.

Thanks for all the support

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Hi everyone sorry to bother everyone again but
just even more worried than before

as they really do want me to go back in
for some swabs on the chlamydia, I said I was busy all week, but they really need me in!

Its it just to re-test for this.

I did ask if the blood tests where ok they said yes, but a yes to being negative

I just asked if the test where ok,

Maybe a reflex from anxitey

But will there tell you 1 thing on the phone and tell you differently in person.

So scared again

got it booked in for friday but I may have to ring up and re-book for 2morow

I hope my fears are wrong,
but will they do this just to get you in???
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Hi All
5 weeks post

Just to let you know had
a blood test done this week/ if its not fine than I will get a phone call either Tuesday or Wednesday

Rapid test came back negative

So looks good so far.

but still thinking what if, but that's how my mind works
but holiday in 3 days and will be kept really busy so will be enjoying that to the max

I will be back on here after the 11 week test.
(not quite 12 but been told does not make a difference)

just to keep you all updated

I hope I never ever go through anxinitey like this ever ever again
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