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would love your feedback and ideas :)

Hello and good morning, I would like to ask for some feedback. I have a budding idea for a book. I ofen liken this anxiety agorophobia depression crap to a bee hive. To enter you must get past the openeing keepers, agi, ora, phobiana, etc. once inside you make some choices with many bees nicknamed from things i experience fear, shaky, breathing, horrid thoughts, etc. to get to the other side with many other insects. This would be told with humor and the tools i have gathered from many many books as i interpret them. The end is still open as I am still learning myself to enter that hive and be still and see the bees and live with the bees and not fight them. Does this sound lame or might it be a helpful book?
It by no means is meant to make light of the hell we go through or how hard we work daily on making it thru this journey with some peace and contentment. I often draw this out, the bees and hive etc so just  thought since i have allowed this disease to rule me for so long and cost me my career and basically life outstide my home walls, it might be theraputic and who knows maybe even profitable????
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I think that sounds wonderful!  There is a book called "Hinds Feet on High Places" that was written several years ago.  It was recommended to me by a therapist.  It tells the story of girl who is named "Much-Afraid" and she lives in the Valley of Despair with her cousins the Craven-Fears.  She decides to make a journey to the high place where "perfect love casteth out all fear".  Her two companions on her journey are Misery and Sorrow.  Anyway, it's kind of along the same lines and it sold millions!  I bet you could even send a copy of your book (once you write of course) to that publisher...  Hmmm..  I've had some articles and journals published, if you need anybody to proofread let me know!  You can do it!  And I would totally buy it...
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Go for it! Seriously, it really might be therapeutic and it will be a wonderful outlet. I think it is a wonderful idea!
Good Luck
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I would kinda see myself gummed up somewhere within the hive, surrounded by hardened honey, preventing me from properly interacting with the other bees and suffocating due to lack of air and watching the other bees leading normal lives all around me!
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LOL @ Mahon.  That's me, too afraid to even get near the hive...  think I'll stick to something safe.  Like panic attacks.  LOL
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i will do it jl, we can connect on email or something later to get some scans to you. It sounds some similar but i don't want to read it before i write this so i don't get influenced or accidentally copy but i do want to read it, i get so much out of the books, taming your gremlin is written with some humor and makes some of the tools memorable. I'm kind of excited! I have done some drawings for my walls,I did sitting quietly doing nothing spring comes and the grass grows by itself, and some other zen quotes and use them daily.
thanks for the feedback!
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