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Hey Ladies, Just wondering if y'all are still out there. Happy updates!! Only four months left to go for us all. Hope everyone has had a good pregnancy so far. Let's keep this all going!!
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Yessss...I cant wait! Actually thus far this pregnancy has gone by relatively quick!
This bundle is an active one, thats for sure.
Wishing well to everyone also. :D
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I'm still here too, bump getting huge and uncomfortable already, but at 25 weeks, I know I've got a ways to go yet in that department.
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Baby kicking is giving me motion sickness!  I think she's training for her uneven bar routine!  That or I have a really large parasite looking for food.

I have 95 days to go! Huzzah!

(I hate pregnancy...it's worse than I thought it would be. Just sayin'!)
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Hey Everyone....so I am almost 28 weeks now and I must say I pretty much hate being pregnant.  I don't understand women who say they loved it and miss being pregnant.  I am so uncomfortable all the time.  I can't sleep anymore, my groin hurts if I walk at all, and the heartburn won't stop.

So, how are you all enjoying your pregnancies?
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I'm still around occasionally! Been busy with the holidays and my burgeoning belly! :) I am 26w6d so I'm really pumped to be in the home stretch. 1hr Glucose test coming up on Tuesday and other than that everything has been routine and normal-less some pretty extreme swelling at about 15 weeks (watch your milk intake, it has LOTS of sodium in iit!)...I hope that everyone else is doing well! I LOVE pregnancy so far...all of the aches and pains are worth it when Scarlett and I have our "moments"..where she is moving and I swear she is playing WITH me..I poke her, she kicks me..I chase her up and down/back and forth in my belly...I'm having a grand old time! :) lol 93 days and counting!
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I am still here too!!  Feeling great so far.....just had a few aches & pains here and there but nothing major.  Time is FLYING by!!  I can't believe 3months and I will be a Mommy.....I am a bit sad that I will no longer have this little guy in my tummy anymore because I really love being pregnant.  I feel I have bonded so much with my lil' guy already and I can't imagine what it will be like when he is here!  I had my glucose test this morning & should have results on Tuesday.......my first shower is Feb. 27th & another on the 5th of March.  When is everyone elses showers?  So happy to hear you ladies are all doing well!!!  
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It's good to see that all of us are coming along great. I'm 26wks 4dys today. I have had some nerve problems, but then my husband plays poke the Mommy with our little one. I wouldn't be too surprised if I woke up one morning with bruises in the shape of a foot on my belly LOL.. having the stretching pains too, a little uncomfortable, but tolerable. Had to change my birth plan because I wasn't about going through my first labor and delivery alone( stupid state of NC laws). Have a glucose test on the 2nd. Not sure If I'm even having a baby shower. Don't know too many people and family is too far away. Oh Well. Take care ladies only 14 weeks to go! Yay!
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I'm still here, up to 29 weeks and 2 days :).  My belly is huge!!  I failed my one hour glucose but passed the three with flying colors.  I'm also anemic now, so i get nauseous every morning with my iron pill.  Baby shower is the 12th of February!  I can't believe only 11 weeks left until we meet our little Sydney  :).  I've had a lot of uncomfortable times and my ankles are swelling now, but I agree it's definitely worth it.  All it takes is one little kick and I forget about the throbbing feet, nausea, heartburn, sciatic pain, and lack of sleep.  For as much as I hate the "effects" of being huge, I would do it again in a heartbeat :).  
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my shower is going to be the 13th of Feb! I can't wait! I'm only having one though, so it's likely to be big..we invited about 100 people (a LOT of them are out of town college friends and family, so I don't expect them to come)..we're doing a co-ed baby shower, DH's friends wanted to celebrate with us! :)
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I'm still here too, thank God.   I had a scary weekend in the hospital with pre-term labor at 26 weeks, but the meds stopped the labor and I"m home again letting baby cook some more.   I'm checking  the days off on the calendar like I've won something every day.    Just hoping to make it to term.      They think its from my gestational diabetes and my polyhydraminos (too much water) that caused it.
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