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How is everyone?

Just wanted to say to everyone!
I was really sick and the last few days its gone away, which I am thankful for but at the same time it makes me nervous. I am still very tired though and have been having food cravings. Just praying everything is ok and counting the days until week 12!
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I haven't been sick at all.  Just a little queasy.  I never got sick with my ds either though.  This is around the time your HCG levels off so I wouldn't be too worried.  I wish I was having cravings.  I have absolutely no appetite.  I'm having to make myself eat.  It is very strange.
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I had the same thing to happen!  Starting around 8wks my symptoms started to decrease including m/s.  I was worried too.....but just like the above message your HCG levels plateau around this time so your symptoms can start to decrease.  I asked my Dr. about it @ my appt. last Tuesday & he said it is completely normal!  Hope this helps.  Oh, I have been really tired still too.  So that is a good sign!!!!  
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I too am very tired. If I have cleaning to do, I get up and do a little then I have to sit for a few mins. And my nausea is still going strong.
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