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It's almost April! VOTE FOR ME for PHOTO OF THE MONTH!

I am 38 weeks today and could possibly have this baby in the next 3 weeks!  I hope she comes sooner than later because I feel terrible!  How is everyone else feeling?  Anxious, miserable, tight, etc?  What is your biggest trial at this point?  I guess I should pack my hospital bags!!! :)

Oh, I submitted a photo for Baby Bump of the Month!  Show some love and VOTE FOR ME! :)  I'd appreciate it!  (My husband did a great job taking the pictures!)

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awesome pic! how do I vote?
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797905 tn?1301112393
on your HOME tab:GO to BABY BUMP in applications (on the left) and then just select a photo on the bottom, and then in the Baby Bump Gallery, you can select: recent uploads, by week, or CONTEST PHOTOS. :)  I'm in there!
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I'm feeling terrible as well.   Just commented to dh today that I thought it felt bad 10 days ago, I didn't think I could stretch anymore, but I feel like I've doubled and just feel crappy in general.   Have had contractions almost every day on and off for over a week and nothing seems to be happening :(   I have a c-section scheduled for April 15, but that seems like forever away.
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I AM SO OVER BEING PREGNANT RIGHT NOW!!! Jeez I would like to hold my son already. the suspense is killing me. but it's probably for the best right now, considering that I have no place for him to sleep besides the bed and I don't want that. LOL I'm just really excited for him to get here and for me to start getting back into shape. I showed my husband a picture of what I would look like should I slim down to my post boot camp weight and he about mauled me right before work LOL.. but he showed restraint and now he says he is suffering
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