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Just updating, Hope you girls will too :)

Hi Everyone,
Well things have been going pretty good..I feel huge, and up until my last appt I thought maybe I was just over exaggerating, lol. Well my last appt was yesterday but first the one before that was 2 weeks ago and I was measuring a month ahead of schedule. Now Yesterday, 2 weeks later I am measuring 6 weeks ahead. I am so worried, gonna have my fluids checked on the 16th. I am so uncomfortable :(
I feel lots of movements, so baby 'feels' healthy to me. I just hope we dont find another in there. I am sure they would have seen it if there was.
I have gained 11lbs thus far. Is anyone else the same, what was the outcome?
Hope to hear from you all
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I am really starting to despise pregnancy: back ache, belly skin hurting really bad, having a hard time taking deep breaths and relaxing.  I got fitted for a prenatal support brace, which helps alleviate my back pain.  Trying to get comfortable in bed is a joke.   Heart burn isn't too bad, and it's tolerable. I threw up a few times last week.  The nausea never left after that first trimester. What a disappointment!

I am measuring right on target.  I feel the baby move ALL THE TIME and sometimes her punches/jabs really hurt.  I push her limps back in, and she pushes back out! We've got a little yard ape in the making!

I have gained 7 pounds so far.  I am 30 weeks on Saturday. I have a hard time eating enough calories because I simply have NO ROOM for food in my tummy.  My doctor told me to eat more ice cream! ;)  If I eat a good helping of food, it leaves me in MAJOR pain and it *****. I miss my capacity to CHOW!

I wish my bath tub was bigger, so I could actually be comfortable in it!!  The hot water sure feels nice!

Hope everyone is hanging in there.  I'm realizing that I am probably the kind that will have a hard time through each pregnancy!

I will be traveling the next few days and that stresses me out.  As you all know, it's hard to be comfortable any more!

I hope everyone is doing well.  I have 73 days to go and I count down EVERY SINGLE DAY!
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HI ladies

Well I don't feel as huge as I know I look. So tired of being tired. I can't even force myself awake anymore. Jeez!!

Have an appointment on the 2nd of Feb. Hopefully I pass the one hour test. It would suck to have to come back for a second one LOL.

I have been put on Zoloft to help with my anxiety and depression. It worries me about the side effects that could happen to my son, but hopefully God's plan is to have a completely healthy baby.

Gabriel moves SO MUCH!!! It's funny too because he moves the most when it is really quiet, but when he is in the car and DH has the Heavy Metal blasting, he settles down and stays asleep for hours. I don't have to head phones, so I can't play it for him before I go to bed LOL.

My puppies are getting bigger and I can't wait until This upcoming payday. I am hoping to get the nursery going sometime in February. I have so much that needs to be done. My husband's squadron is going to throw a mass baby shower for all the pregnant women in the shop. 17 ladies goodness me!!!

Well I have about 80 days left to go. I am so excited. Prayers and love for everyone.
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  I wish i felt HUGE, im actually have a very small tummy which i was worried about but the doctor isnt (when they measured my fundus i was actually 2wks behind., but still doctor says nothing to worry about). I have a doctors appt. cummin up 2/10/2011 and im hopeing ill measure up to where im suppose to be. Even though everybody says fundus is not an accurate measurment, i want everything to be right where it should.
  On a lighter note this little guy never sleeps and kicks me ALL day, but it doesnt bother me i love it. Lets me kno hes ok in there. He moves more when he knos his dads around thats when i cant take it. Like he knos hes there. So sweet. "He's always moving just like his dad never sitting stll lol!". . . . .
  Cant wait for my next appt im hopeing everyting turns out well. . . .CANT wait for him to come . . .  .Love him so much already. .

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I don't really feel huge anywhere but my boobs.  I really wish they would stop growing.  My belly barely sticks out past them and it's not because it is small.  That is the only thing really bothering me in this prenancy.

Our little girl is very active, especially at night when I'm trying to sleep.  I told my hubby that I guess my sleeping through the night was already over.  I would give anything to have one night where I slept all the way through.

We painted the nursery last week and put up the crib last night.  It is so beautiful.  I can't wait to meet our little girl.  We had an another ultrasound on Thursday and she weighed 3lbs, 2 oz at 28 weeks which is the 85th percentile.  Our doctor wants to induce a week early since it looks like she will be big.  So 75 days left,  Time has flown.

Good luck to all of you.  I can't wait to start seeing all the good news and pictures of the little ones!
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Hey everyone! It seems like we're all feeling very similar... huge and with very active babies ;). Always a good sign I guess for this time in pregnancy. I have been feeling quite big too... my friends are saying I do the typical pregnant waddle as I walk. It's hard for me to get in and out of the car already and even put on my shoes :P. I can't imagine getting even bigger! My little boy has been very active too, and now it's not only at night. I feel him kick in the morning, after eating or night time... it really doesn't matter what time it is. I like it though... makes me feel better when I feel him than when I don't. I'm starting to get anxious about getting everything ready. Our nursery furniture is supposed to come in mid-Feb so that should give us enough time... but I just wish it was here already ;). I've been getting some swelling of my legs, especially my knees and calfs at night. I hope it's nothing serious... I keep trying to drink more water but sometimes I do forget. That's really all... oh yes, been having a couple of lower belly aches, kinda like period cramps, for the last two days. They seem to have gone away but it did worry me a bit when I had them.

Hope you're all doing/feeling great!! Big xx!
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BTW, gained 8.1kg (17.9lbs) thus far... is that ok for 27 wks and half? xx
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2 weeks to go! hurry up not working is boring! 38 weeks put on about 9kgs
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