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Can you tell me what the dislocation felt like?

I had bi- lateral hip replacements 9 years ago, during physio we overdid an exercise and fully dislocated my left hip which required a subsequent revision, now 8 years later in my mid 50’s starting to slow down, I’ve begun to lose my balance on stairs or any uneven ground, I feel like my entire leg drops and I lose the ability to hold my weight, I have fallen many times, I’ve caught myself too many times but now while sitting or laying my left hip seems to pop causing pain that feels like a strike on the outside of my hip( like being struck by a baseball bat )    I have not spoken with my surgeon but both my GP and my Rheumatologist but both are telling me it’s age and arthritis!    A simple reposition in bed can cause the pain to occur, if I move my leg forward or back while sitting causes the pain to occur and the worst is stepping on uneven ground!     Should I be more aggressive with Dr’s and push to see my surgeon whom is 400 miles away?
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We're sorry you have been going through this and posted about this so long ago without response. Please updat us and we'll get a discussion going.
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