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Could I get a little help deciphering my MRI please?

Here are my Findings:
Ligaments and Tendons: The quadriceps tendon and patellar ligament are
intact. The anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments are maintained.
Medial and lateral collateral ligaments are grossly unremarkable.

The iliotibial band is normal. Biceps femoris and popliteus tendons
are normal in signal and morphology. The tendinous origins of the
medial and lateral heads of the gastrocnemius are normal.

Medal Compartment: Relatively small medial meniscus body may suggest
chronic tear. No focal cartilaginous defect.

Lateral Compartment: The lateral meniscus demonstrates no evidence of

Patellofemoral Compartment:  Mild lateral tracking.. No femoral
trochlear dysplasia. No focal cartilaginous defect. Diffuse thinning
of the lateral femoral cartilage at the anterior aspect. Minimal
lateral femoral condyle subchondral marrow changes.

Other: Mild capsular distention. Small Baker's cyst is noted with a
small amount of fluid tracking down along the superficial fascia may
suggest previous rupture.

Here are my Impressions:
1. Small medial meniscus body suggestive of chronic tear.
2. Mild lateral patellar tracking.
3. Diffuse thinning of the lateral femoral cartilage at the anterior
aspect and subchondral cystic changes.
4. possible ruptured Baker's cyst

I ran a complete marathon in October of 2014, my first, but, directly after that I started struggling with pain on the outside of my right knee.  I was first diagnosed with runner's knee or IT Band Syndrome.  I went through PT for that for almost a year with little to no relief.  Every step forward was followed by two back.  The most relief I had was when I had a guided cortisone shot into the bursa sac on the right knee.  I was told the area was a little inflamed and it was classic IT Band Syndrome.

I had an MRI in January of 2015 and was told no osteoarthritis by two orthopedic surgeons.  On 10-8-15 I went through a procedure called tenex for my IT Band.  As of January the Pain hadn't improved.  I had a second MRI in December of 2015.  I was told by the third orthopedic surgeon that my problem is osteoarthritis in the right knee.  She compared the two MRI's and said there wasn't much change in the ten months.  I have had a cortisone shot in the knee and it hasn't really helped.  The knee still feels swelled and hurts if I walk more than a few hundred feet or if I sit with my knee bent for a short period of time.

Please help!
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