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Finger pops since i cracked it to often?

For about 7 or 8 months I have been cracking the joints and knuckles in my fingers. Now when I lower my middle finger on my left hand there is a little pop and the finger moves down a bit. And since i had also been cracking my toes the toes on my right foot make a pop too. I am kinda worried because I am only 13. Please help.
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Well I agree with your mom. She's right, these cracking or popping sounds are a normal response to what you are doing to your joints. We all can make those sounds in our joints - some more or less than others.

However if you tell me you have "shaking hands" or tremors this is most likely not related to the popping of your joints. Tremors need to be investigated. Is this a medical or physiological condition? I'd want to know that if you were my child - and I am sure your mom would feel the same. Have you told her?  

Your middle finger that moves forward and pops may be do to the popping you've done to your finger joints. Yes it may be inflamed with some internal swelling. Rest it. If your mom agrees, try a little ice on it a few times a day. Don't apply ice directly to your skin. A bag of frozen peas works well. Be sure to mark the bag so you know which one you are re-using. You may want to discard it after you're completely done (days or weeks) of the cold therapy. Do not crack that knuckle again.

I'm reluctant to make suggestions due to your age. I do encourage you to talk to you mom - or a trusted adult. I hope this helps.

Best of luck,

If it doesn't improve or it becomes worse talk to your mom - and maybe it should be medically evaluated.

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I do think it will go away - IF you stop cracking your joints. If it doesn't - give it some time - than talk to your mom about consulting a physician.

Be diligent about not "cracking" your joints, make a resolution to stop the behavior.  Tell your mom that you are no longer engaging in that activity -  And stick to your resolution!

If in a few weeks - or months your joints are still bothering you - or if they become worse than talk to your mom again - as than it may be time to have your joints medically evaluated. Give it some time my young friend.

Try to busy yourself with other things. Don't focus on your joints. Find something that really takes your interest. There are so many great things in this life - and you have years ahead of you to enjoy it.

My Best to You,
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Yeah my Mom wont talk about it because i worry about everything. My wrists are a little sore now but it my just be because I'm focused on it.

And you think that its will go away in my fingers and toes?
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Also, i have never had my wrists crack like this. I use to crack them a lot but now they are cracking when i grab stuff. And also i have one finger that kinda sticks when it goes down. but then it goes back up.
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Well it has kinda become a habit, but I'm going to try and stop. the real issue is that I have on finger (my other fingers do it too but just not as easily) and when I move it down flat towards my palm it makes a little pop and moves forward. I then remembered that one time while i was cracking my fingers that it hurt and i had to keep it down, and if i tried to bend it up it burned for about 5 minutes. My mom says that all joints make little snaps and cracks but i feel like they only have after i have been cracking my fingers so long.

After i noticed this cracking notice i found some of my other fingers do it too, and my toes(which i would also crack a lot), my knees, my neck(which i would crack from time to time but I broke away from doing it), my wrist(Which i also used to crack a lot), and my feet (I'm flat footed)

My mom said that I have always had these cracking noises and i believe her, but I think the cracking in my fingers and wrist are my fault.

I now have shaking hands and my fingers hurt a little sometimes.

So yeah.

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Hello Megacharlie,

Welcome! First I can't help but ask WHY you would want to crack your joints? It's not beneficial and can be very annoying to ppl around you.

Medically speaking: Painless cracking of joints -- as a rule -- is not harmful. However, common sense generally would suggest that the intentional and repetitive cracking of one's joints not only is potentially socially bothersome but also could be physically troublesome when it produces pain.

Knuckle "cracking" has not been shown to be harmful or beneficial. More specifically, knuckle cracking does not cause arthritis.

The solution to this is simple my dear. Stop cracking or popping your joints. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.

What causes the sound? It's usually the result from a negative pressure pulling nitrogen gas temporarily into the joint - this action makes the popping sound. Again - why continue to do this?

My knees often made a "popping" sound when I bend them up or down. It's occurred since I was a small child. I can't help this - and as explained it's due to that nitrogen gas movement.

If the cracking of your knuckles has become something you cannot stop yourself from doing - than that may be an emotional tic - or issue. I suggest you discuss this with your parents - or a trusted adult.

Take Care,
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