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I know you can't diagnose me, but any suggestions on how these symptoms may link?

I thought it would be easiest to go through each symptom and explain what I am experiencing if you have any ideas of how it may all link together please do let me know!

I am a 20 year old female.

- Spinal Fusion: Scoliosis correction in September 2016, had a screw come loose and cause extreme pain, finally had the screw removed in November 2017.
-Sacroiliitis: Only recently diagnosed, but have been experiencing pain since spinal fusion operation.
- Hypothyroidism: Diagnosed in 2013, I was only 16! Still constantly tired even though blood tests say normal levels.
-Dry Lips and skin: Every day a full layer of my lips shed, like a snakeskin.
- Very itchy back: I get a very itchy back, so itchy I make it bleed, there is nothing visable, always in the exact same place.
-Winged shoulder blade: The physiotherapist said my left shoulder has winged due to the muscular stress of my spinal fusion, however it has been a year and 6 months with no pain relief.
-Stiff neck and pain behind the ears: when I am sat up to do university work I feel very stiff and uncomfortable
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