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Piano playing and arthritis?

I'm new here -- I hope this is the right place to post this.

I have a touch of osteoarthritis in my right hand: The thumb joint at the palm is swollen (knobby) and occasionally aches and/or gets stiff.  I'm in otherwise excellent shape for a 59-year-old man: I've exercised regularly for decades, eaten well, am often mistaken for 40s.

I've recently considered taking up the piano again after decades of not playing.  Would this hurt my hand, would it accelerate the progression of arthritis?  Or would it help?  

Many thanks.
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Sorry to hear that. I`m here to give you some suggestion. Hope that i help.
The arthritis has so many kinds of sympton. The first action is go to the hospital and diagnosis the disease. Of course many reason can leading into arthritis, such as losing element of the bone or bone is overwhelm. I think the TCM will be the choice for you.
Massage and acupuncture are always the means of Chinese doctor use to cure so many kinds of disease, because massage and acupuncture can get through the meridians, promote the blood circulation. These methods are safe and effective, without any side effects.
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i have arthritis in my fingers, too---and i am also a piano player.  so far, the arthritis has not seemed to bother me particularly when i play the piano---but i had not been playing much for awhile.  i had to have carpal tunnel surgery in both wrists ablmost 4 years ago--probably because i have played the piano since i was 11---i'm 48 1/2 now, and i also crochet.  one night i decided to sit down and play the piano---i played for quite awhile and eventually my wrists started top hurt---but i think that was a carpal tunnel thing, not an arthritis thing.

i worry that my arthritis could eventually get bad enough to affect my piano playing.  i have atopic dermatitis and it can make my fingers hurt more than my arthritis does.

i assume that what i have is osteoarthritis, but no one ever has said that for sure.  i have had to have orhtoscopic surgery on one of my knees for it right before i turned 40.  i've recently had my dose of hydrocortisone lowered which has made my arthritis really flare in my knees and my feet.  i had gotten cortisone shots in my heels and it caused me to be adrenal insufficient.
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