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What are the Alternatives to Enbrel?

I’ve been taking Enbrel for the past 15 years or so with HUGE success! I have since Retired from work last month and now have a limited income. I signed up to Medicare/AARP for my post retirement healthcare requirement. During employment my Co-Pay was 25 dollars for a month supply. Now, Medicare and AARP collective insurance leaves me with 1,000 dollars for a month supply.
Retail? $4600-$5500 for a 4 doses (month supply)

Is there ANYTHING else that works as well as this? Is there any alternative?!

I know the patent is gone and the company is fighting a Generic form for this drug.

Any advise on alternate medication that is either similar or gets the same result.

My issue: Full body Pain, fingers curve, lethargic, fatigue, insomnia (VERY TIRED but won’t go to sleep)
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Do you have RA?  It looks like there's a whole host of treatment options, including Remicade and Humira, which are listed in the same class as Enbrel:

It's definitely worth a visit to your doctor to discuss more budget-friendly alternatives.
Ya, my joints tend to stiffen and my fingers and toes begin to curl. Full body pain everywhere. Enbrel has been amazing, giving me a 90%  normal life almost pain free. I’m scarred because I only have 1 more month supply before I need to refill it. My Employee based Ins copay was 25 bucks for the month. Now I am retired, it’s going to cost me 1,000 dollars a month.

The competition does sell versions of it (Remicade and Humira) but those are just as costly. Humira actually would cost me more.

I was hoping there was a different class of medications outside those 3 that can do the same job for much less..

Thank you for replying.
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I would definitely make an appointment with your doctor ASAP.  I did see, after I posted, that Humira is also ridiculously expensive.  Hopefully the generic Enbrel will be available soon, but in the meantime, it seems there are numerous drugs you can at least try.  

You might also give Enbrel a call: https://www.enbrel.com/support/financial-support  It's worth a shot.
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