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any other pre or post hip implant folks out there?

It's official, will be undergoing bilateral hip resurfacing surgery in late July. Doc is going to install the Cormet implants in both hips, surgery will take around 3 hrs. I chose resurfacing as opposed to total implant due to my stats,  mainly  my young age---in osteoarthritis years (g)..I'm 51 (male, solid bones, no metal allergies, etc). This procedure preserves more of the bone, something to consider in the event I outlive the life of the implants and require further replacement down the road..Thought I would pass along an excellent patient site on hip implants I stumbled on.
Hip resurfacing:

and a sister site for THR (total hip replacement):
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Thanks for sharing!  For what it is worth, I think you are taking the right approach by opting for resurfacing especially at your age.  A story of success, my father-in-law had a hip replacement and now he walks 2 miles twice a day and goes dancing regularly.  He is in his seventies and participates in a hip-hop dance class.
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Hi- I had my first resurfacing in Jan 2002 at age 39 / second in Dec 2006. I was almost unable to walk before the first surgery. It is a wonderful procedure and, touch wood, I've been able to lead as active a life as before. I workout 4-5 times a week, cycle & ski. The only thing I don't do is run or high impact aerobics.

Good luck with your surgery!

Good luck with your surgery
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Thanks for the info. I've had both hips replaced the "old fashioned way" - at age 37 and 40, respectively. I had avascular necrosis and my hips were too far gone for replaning or the newer implants that remove less bone. I have restrictions, of course, but my quality of life is a thousand times better than before surgery. :)  There are so may new techniques out there now, I'm glad there are more choices for younger people with hip pain.
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