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Not certain if something went wrong when you posted, but I am here to help if you want to try again.
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If you mean your back's not giving you problems when you go to sleep, but is stiff and sore for a long time after rising, try sleeping in a recliner; or, roll a comforter into a tight bedroll and place under your knees; may also need a comforter folded to fit under your upper body, creating a drop-off into which your fanny will fit.  The bigger your fanny, the higher the folded under-torso comforter needs to be, creating a bigger, "valley," so to speak, for your fanny.  Chiropractic adjustments and massage, coupled with exercises on your part can be helpful.  Also, when you first awaken, s-l-o-w-l-y stretch your muscles, like a cat or dog.  Give everything a chance to start working again before you even start to sit up.  Such small things make such big differences.  Your shoes may be throwing you off kilter, then, in domino effect throwing everything else off.  When you enter or exit a car, have your fanny on the side of the seat, then lift both legs and pivot.  Stretching to put one leg in and the rest of you into a sitting position, and vice versa, is very hard on your spine.  So simple, yet so hard for me to remember, and makes a tremendous difference in the stress upon the spine and back/shoulder muscles.  Think about the positions and muscle pulling the next time you enter or exit.  Hope this helps.  Good luck.
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I have had excruciating mid-back pain for several years. I have tried four different mattresses, to no avail. Can't get more than 6 hours sleep, because that is when the pain starts. It used to be that if I sat with my mid-back totally supported at work, it would be somewhat relieved at night. Now, though, it is worsening. The one thing that helped for several years was putting two pieces of foam rubber together with duct tape, and resting one arm on it while in a fetal position. This kept my arm up and kept me from curling my body. It was a Godsend. I go nowhere without it. Unfortunately, I have begun to have the pain again, even with the foam pillow. It is awful, because I never feel rested. Although the pain makes me get out of bed after 6 hours, it starts after about 5 hours, and keeps me from getting deep sleep. Thought it was a kidney infection because antibiotics helped for a short time, but the pain came back. My doctor told me it may be interstitial cystitis, and Ibuprofen helped for years, along with the foam pillow, but now the pain is coming back, even with both of these. I am desperate and would like to know if anyone else has this problem, besides us.
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