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what should i do to get my hernia further looked at?

there was no hernia section so I'm posting this ins arthritis section.

i made  a post way back on an account i forgot the login info for about a suspected hernia. eventually i noticed the lower right of my stomach is bulging out more than my left side right above me abdomen slightly where i felt the sharp pain lifting a tv.

i ended up going on workers comp because i have no insurance. the lawyers managed to get me 2 doctors appointments scheduled and both told me i probably have a hernia and i should get a ct scan. the second visit the doc even told me he can feel the bulge in my groin area when i cough. apparently professionals opinions aren't good enough to try and get a ct scan scheduled so they close the case.

i feel constant pain in my abdomen, lower right stomach, and testicles that spreads across my hip, inner thy, and upper buttox. sometimes ill get shooting pains down my right leg because i have to limp a little bit. its getting worse and i cant take it anymore. the job i got injured on was a furniture moving job with long hours.

what can i do now that even law firms don't care for getting it repaired or even attempt to get a ct scan? is there any option without having to make a payment plan to get surgery if i can manage to get a ct scan done and confirm it? nj state welfare would fully cover a ct scan right?

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