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I am very thankful to be bless with a second chance. I am currently 7wks pregnant after losing my daughter at 22wks gestation. I had surgery in April this year to remove scar tissue and in july was given Femara 2.5mg 2x daily on CD 3-7. Here I am 7 wks.
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OMG!!!  That is awesome news!! : )   I am so glad your surgery went well! :)  May I ask again who did it?  I would like to throw their name out on the ashermans board I am on, so people around Oh/Ky have a name of someone close who has successfullly treated scar tissue.

I am so happy for you! Please keep me/us updated!

fyi: I did a FET yesterday and put back 2 5 day blast, so hopfully in a few days, I will get a bfp too!!! :)
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Dr Pridam in Louisville Ky. He is awesome along with his co-workers they have a very strong group...I will be getting a cerclage at 14wks. And am high risk but i feel very comfortabl with the 3 Drs i see. My surgery went great and here i am a couple months later expecting. Congrats on your transfer i will be thinking of you and sending lots of baby dust....
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