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What is your opinion.

Just curious to learn your opinion of a Doctor of Osteopathy vs a Medical Doctor. I have my thoughts but would like yours!

I've done a lot of research on the Internet and don't see a huge difference between the two. However there seems to be a huge difference of personal opinions.

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I love D.O.'s more than M.D.'s. My friend is studying to be a D.O. and has practiced Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine(OMM) on me, which is awesome. I love getting natural ways to stop head aches and do things without pills/medication. I used to see a D.O. as my gp, but he has since left and I am back to seeing a M.D. again, which is ok. Though I would like to see another D.O.
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OMT has been a miracle for me. Unfortunately my long time D.O. took a Directorship position and is no longer in private practice. I've been unable to replace her skills.

I too think D.O.s are wonderful.... but than it really is the person and not the specific title they hold.

Thanks Sweetpea for sharing your opinion.


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