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Why does MH keep changing the layout???

Just when you finally get use to the way things look......WHAM.....they go and change it again!!! I hate the new Home page!!!

Sorry just venting!
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I am so glad you said this...I hate it too and I'm thinking this Can't be the final plan???  The other HomePage was so cool...
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I don't like it either.
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Glad I am not alone!
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I never see the Home Page. I have a shortcut on my desktop straight to the page I want to start from
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I don't ever see it either due to my shortcut to the forum.  Now I have to go look.  LOL
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I didn't know about the Home Page until a few months ago when someone said something about it in their mood.  Now, I can't live without it and I'm struggling today...boo hoo :(
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Thumbs down from me too.  I liked the last one much better.
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I agree, I was searching for my pics and my journal entries and now I have to go to the profile page.
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You can find your pics and journals by clicking on the left set of links.
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I miss the "recent posts and activity."  I liked being able to see at a glance if there was activity without having to click on my Watchlist.  I don't care about my "recent question" which I asked 6mos ago and is on my watch list automatically the minute I post it anyway.  

AnnieBrooke and Ginger...you guys can't fully appreciate how great it was before  because you never saw it.

I am so unhappy with this new Homepage :(
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Me too, Jade. I liked being able to see the recent posts and activities. I don't like the new look either.
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I wonder if MedHelp cares if six members out of a MILLION are unhappy with the Home page? LOL...
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Make that seven members, lol...
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eight members.........
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nine members!  I don't like it at all.
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Wow! I never knew people hated it as much as me!!! glad I started this thread!!!
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omg yes i got up and wanted to see if we have had any new BFPs or early deliveries and bam i didnt know where the heck to look for them ... its so confusing !!!!!! HUGS *:O) erka
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I agree, I HATE the new look.  And I wish they would at least warn us before they go and change it.  How hard is it to send out an email?!?
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You have to go back to either using your Watchlist OR Home page...you can't have both anymore.  I wonder how this is better?  Someone MUST have thought it was better, but I would love to know in what way?  
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MH Management just announced that they love the Home Page
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Oh, and no more "drop down boxes" for your communities you are a part of to show you the 3 most recent posts.  No "personal" recent activity shown for your own last post Or the recent activity on the communities on your watch list.  These 3 great features of the Home page have been eliminated.    

MH Mgmt loves it though, huh?  LOL...I'll try to drop this, I just don't see how this is better at all and I'm really bummed out :(
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Has anyone tried the apps on the left side of the page? Forums and Groups allow you to see 8 of the last posts in the communities you've joined.

We've heard feedback that people love the page, people hate the page, and people hated the page but now like the page with all the apps. Just wondering if everyone here still hates the page.
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