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Abcess or normal? leaking Pus!! sorry for typos, phone being testy

hello! Last Sunday I felt a lump when I swallowed. By weds I could barely swallow spit. My Dr. Prescribed Amoxicillin 875 mg and a shot of rocephin followed that Friday when I was feeling no relief yet. Its now 5 days since starting amoxicillin and the throat opening hurts less but my appetite is totally gone and the tonsil actually seems bigger but less red. and it continuously puts out pus.  it is not swollen past a midline but it is rather puffy and doeant resemble a tonsil. I wipe the pus with a cotton tip and it looks like it is coming from a tiny hole. so while I can swallow much better and the pain has come down from an 11 to a 7 or 6 Im truly worried this pus will prevent the meds from completing their job. My Dr said to just gargle salt water, though I wish she had opted to see it in person

Also when this first began I did not feel run down, just very very painful in the throat. But now I feel a general unease. It doesnt help that not being able to sleep or eat is giving me some anxiety. My energy is non existant. the base of my neck hurts but its a very mild ache, it just feels like Im run down in general.

is thi a normal progression of tonsilitis or shoukd I be concerned this is somthing worse. I can currently swallow with limited pain but I cant stand all the pus. I have five days left of amoxicillin. will that manage to kill everything even if there is pus? I do not know what my culture turned up and Im afraid to bug my Dr office anymore than I already have. I really just want to feel like myself again. can the loss of appetit ve from the meds? Could this run down feeling just be the anxiety lack of sleep/food and my body finally attacking infection? Reasction to meds ( recently heard of SjS which I find concerning) Also can having this much pus running down my throat be safe? It doesnt stop.

Please help. if I could attach pic of throat I would. So badly want to feel back to normal. Temp at 97.9
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I am sorry you have been feeling so poorly. After 5 days of antibiotic I would expect you to be feeling better. If you are still experiencing pain and drainage, I would recommend that you have your throat checked again. If you can't get an appointment with your doctor, you could try an urgent care or one of the clinics that are now in many pharmacies. Sometimes it is possible that a particular antibiotic does not work and a change to a different antibiotic would help to get rid of the infection. Make sure that you explain when your symptoms started, what you have taken (I recommend bringing the bottle of antibiotics with you so that you can show what you have taken).

I hope you are feeling better soon.

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thank you. today the dr says she thinks its mono andto finish amox. im worried because I'm not eating or sleeping. very bad anxiety. im scared about it. is it just normal anxiety or is somthing weird happening? a little over a week ago I was perfectly fine. and now all this.  throat always looks fine until bedtime then it swells agian, then makes a little more progress the next day. what I cant handle is tge anxiety happening right now. I've always had anxiety and panic but I know how to handle it usually. this is nonstop and I dont sleep. that is unusual. Also Im afraid I was exposed to the flu today due to going to see dr and being so rundown. Am I ok??? is this just normal anxiety out of control or somthing eles. I cant think, the dr said I also has sinusitis which may account for some of my dizziness, difficulty thinking.right? why on earth cant I sleep. Am I going crazy?

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