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Diarreha and anal sex masterbaition

Hi, I used my long blusher brush and used it in my anus during masterbaition. Hour later I started on my antibiotic Roxithromycin, I was watching TV and I had a sever cramp under my belly all over then stopped and came back again 2 more times, I felt like letting gas out but instead I soiled myself and had to run to the toilet and shower.
It's second day and I still have the runs after I eat, had diarreha four times today, I now decided to take half a panadine fort to stop the diarreha.
Can you tell me what is the cause of all this.

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Antibiotics often cause diarrhea. I recommend that you speak with your doctor about the antibiotic you are taking. If it is causing severe diarrhea, your doctor may be able to change it to one that will not cause such upset.

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Hi iam a 21 years male i have a lekage of sperm often when iam at a sleep it makes me sowet when iam at slep plz help me...
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